Apricots in the pocket of the blue bathrobe

Man oh man, it was a long day. Lots of chores and errands here in the Great Not-so-white-actually-rather sweltering North. I was envious of the GG, who got to drive up to Tahquamenon and hike with the North Country Trail Association. I mean I really *was* envious. I love the NCT folks and I love to hike but I have so many balls in the air that, for the most part, I am happiest when I can hike according to my own schedule with a minimal amount of cat-herding on either end. Group activities are all about cat-herding. I wish, I wish, I wish I had more time for that.

Anyway, I made my way into Sault Ste. Siberia after an interesting little adventure with her loverly vee-hickle in which I put it into what I thought was Drive and then I was freaking out because the transmission was not changing gears. It turned out that I had it in *first*! Yes! I pulled the gear shift all the way back like I do in both the Mean Green and Mean Blue Frog Hoppers because that’s where Drive *is* in those. The Comm’s Taurus? Not so much. Duh. I told The Commander and her FV lunch buddies this story and I am sure The Comm is wondering why she would entrust her bee-yoo-ty-ful Taurus to such a freaking idiot. Where did you get your driver’s licence, KW? Crackerjack box?

So, I did a bunch of errands for The Comm today. She was chomping at the bit to go *with* me but as she is still recovering from a NASTY respiratory virus, I would not let her. Sorry Mom. We did go outside and *sit* in the beautiful HOT sunshine for quite a while and then she napped while I took a little powerwalk down to the Valley Camp and back.

I love FV. The Comm, although she loves the staff and her room, has more complicated feelings about it. I won’t go into that, it’s her business. I love the staff too and her room is a very comfortable place to hang around. It’s as close to home as it gets. The Commander’s furniture is there and there’s a wifi internet connection are there. And the lake freighters that lock through at the Soo are so close that you could stand outside her front window and hit one with a stone. Don’t worry, Homeland Security, The Commander would never do that. (Speaking of Homeland Security, I was able to actually walk into the Soo Locks Park both yesterday and today through an unsecured entrance. For a minute or two yesterday, I was kind of wondering when black helicopters were going to snatch me up. But nothing happened. This is a goooooooood development, in my opinion.)

I had a train of thought going but it is wandering around in the woods now. Me and the GG and the Grinch are sitting out here on the back deck finishing up dinner and having a wee leetle cocktail. Dark and beautiful.

One Response to “Apricots in the pocket of the blue bathrobe”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a productive and lovely day. I enjoy getting things done like errands, but LOVE a relaxing drink in the evening!! 😉