Tada dump tada dump tada dump dump dump

The dump doesn’t open until nine on Saturdays so we trekked down to the Farmer’s Market first. It was pretty cold when we got there, so we snagged coffee at Roo’s Roast, then headed inside to the Sparrow Market, where we oooogled a lot of stuff but did not buy anything, not even cheese.

Outside for apples, tomatoes (still), and corn (STILL). I would have bought more but when you have a two mile mostly uphill walk home, you are careful about how much you put in your backpack. A couple years ago, I made a pilgrimage to the Farmer’s Market with Mouse and we somehow ended up with three butternut squashes (3 !!!) among other things. That was a long slog home. Today we hit Main Street on the way home just as old Mr. Golden Sun was thinking about peeking up over the horizon.

Got home, saddled up the Mean GREEN Frog Hoppin’ Musheen (our own GREEN vee-hickle is back from random emissions testing by the local Subaru lab) and Courtois trailer and headed over to the Planet Ann Arbor dump landfill. Actually it isn’t even a landfill, it’s a materials recovery facility. We dumped a whole bunch of rotten old wood from when the [late] neighbors’ tree fell on Mouse’s bedroom a few years ago. Apparently it wasn’t good burning material but Calvin at the MRF seemed happy enough with it. Good compost! Calvin and the GG flung stuff outta the trailer into the bin in the photoooo and I stayed well out of the way!

That photooo (above) might make a good facebook profile photooo. You know, KW’s shadow at the beach, KW’s shadow at the dump landfill materials recovery facility. I am gonna have to concentrate on memorizing that phrase. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily…

And then there was this looovvverrly vee-hickle coming in to the MRF as we were leaving. The GG’s next mid-life crisis?

Anyway, this stuff was all very carefully orchestrated because after the MRF, the trailer was empty, so we stopped at Fendt on the way back to our own loverly landfill to pick up slag for the GG’s latest brick paving prodject. Cue the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies. That’s us! Actually, I am more of a snowbilly. Move over Moosezilla.

I spent the whole afternoon in my own loverly landfill dungeon. I liberated yet another mynah bird cage plastic storage shelf unit. I had two other ones hanging out in the back yard so I put all three of them out on the curb with a FREEEEEEEE sign. Wouldn’t you know, the same folks who picked up the last three some folks happily picked these up too. And somebody from down the street came along and asked, “Do you have any more?” 1) Yes, but they aren’t emptied yet. 2) They didn’t ask me. They asked the GG. I was lurking inside the house watching (and talking to The Comm). As much as I want to get rid of stuff, I don’t necessarily want to make friends with those who are taking my free stuff, as nice as they may be.

It is beautiful here tonight and we are grilling and the GG is bugging me to hang out with him by the grill. He wants to show me the brickwork he did today and I’ve already seen it but I want to go outside anyway. Good night! Love y’all. KW.

5 Responses to “Tada dump tada dump tada dump dump dump”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, you have beautiful weather? We do NOT. It’s yucky. It sounds like you are ridding yourself of a lot and that must feel good. My husband took a bunch of his “goodies” to the dump and the outside of our house looks much less cluttered. (notice I didn’t say NOT cluttered at all) 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Yay for progress! My decluttering this weekend consists of picking up my used tissues. Well, there’s also the new furnace project. I’m wondering if they’ll take the old furnace out, or leave it in situ as another piece in the house’s heating history. We have the old coal chute/coal bin. The coal chute cover has the pipe for the old oil tank running through it, and the oil tank sits in the former coal bin. Then there’s the ~40 year old gas furnace nearby. Stay tuned, coming soon to a blog near you.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Just realized your title starts out in iambic feet. Three feet to the yard, with double dump left over.
    (I was in English IV last week and they were writing haiku. The teacher explained that counting syllables in haiku would help when they got to Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter.)

  4. kayak woman Says:

    title is from the William Tell Overture 😉

  5. Pooh Says:

    Hi-yo Silver!

    (and Tonto too?)

    Yes, Tonto too.