If this was a “regular” Sunday, I’d be blathering about walking through the micro-climates down by the river this morning. Or all the flinging I did today. Or the loverly little trip we took over to Megalopolis (and it *was* loverly, except for the traffic — always fun to see Jim C and The Beautiful Becky). But it is October 23rd and that is a date I don’t forget. So here goes and first up is Grandroobly helping his first grandchild stand up.

I think she was still wearing this Duck’s Breath shirt when she went to college. It has probably disintegrated by now.

This was during the era when the Landfill Dungeon kept spontaneously sprouting old duct-tape easy chairs. Don’t worry, she eventually recovered.

The Commander bought her this bathing suit. It is a “Coca-Cola” bathing suit (not sure The Comm realized that). We liked it anyway.

This would’ve been about second grade.

French braids? I tried. I do not do hair. 6th grade or thereabouts?

Hermione. The Winter’s Tale. Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre, May 2001.

“I’m older than you think I am and I’m graduating.” 2002.

Callyforny girl.

On the beach but not the moominbeach. Summer 2011.

This is the kid who everybody always thought was younger than she was. She was four the September she started kindergarten and the teacher later told us how horrified she had been when we showed up for the kindergarten “interview” with Liz. She had thought we were nuts for putting such a small, young-looking child in kindergarten. As it turned out, it was right where she belonged. She still looks young for her age and that can make people take her less seriously or think she is less capable than others. Not! This young woman, like the little girl she used to be, is a heck of a lot tougher than she looks. Anyway, as I always tell her, “that’s okay, you’ll look younger than your age when you’re 40 (or 50 (or 90)) too.”

Happy birthday!

8 Responses to “1984”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s good to look younger and happy birthday to the CA girl!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    You really should put a link to this post on Liz’s Facebook wall. hee hee hee
    Happy Birthday, Liz!

  3. Marquis Says:

    Sorry, but that was really me.

  4. Paulette Says:

    Happy birthday, Liz.

  5. Paulette Says:

    Happy birthday, Liz. Anne, do you still wear that tie-dyed shirt (Liz in 6th grade)? Or do you have one that is similar?

  6. Tonya Watkins Says:

    What a nice tribute! Happy birthday to Liz!

  7. Pooh Says:

    Hmmph, identity theft in my own house. Happy Birthday, Liz, but I would never suggest that your mom mess with your facebook wall.

  8. kayak woman Says:

    There are a bunch of tie dyed shirts around the house. Not sure where the one in the pic is these days.

    I honestly doubt that Liz would care if I posted this to her Facebook wall. But I didn’t 🙂