I’d like to think that Grandpa Garth would be proud of me today

I was one of Grandpa Garth’s daughters-in-law and can I just say I loved that old coot. Even when we would arrive at Houghton Lake on a Friday night and he would proclaim a Work Weekend. That could mean just about anything but work weekends are necessary when you own a cabin on a lake Up North in the Great Lake State (or anywhere). And so we would work. Raking leaves. Dragging boats and docks in and out of the water. Cooking, cleaning (er, trying to clean). It was fun! I love the new cabin and I love that we don’t have to turn off the water for the winter any more. And that the kitchen never floods and frogs don’t make their way into the shower.

It has been a Work Weekend for me so far, punctuated by much walking. I walked this morning. I drove to get grokkeries at the Jackson Road Meijer. I flung stuff. I walked over to Nicola’s Books and Staples and The Plum Market. I flung stuff. I walked downtown and back. I bought a new purse iPhone/credit card holder at the farmer’s market. I ran into my old friend John who runs the Ann Arbor Observer. I checked in at Mouse’s work. Some nice female customers said something like “aaww” when my Mouse and I hugged before I left.

Got caught in a loverly rainstorm in West Park as I was walking home but I had an umbrella in my backpack so I survived. By the time I got to my neighborhood, the sun was out in full form.

So, I did get rid of a lot of stuff today. There is so much more…

5 Responses to “I’d like to think that Grandpa Garth would be proud of me today”

  1. Mouse Says:

    Oh don’t lie; I know you miss the shower frogs. 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a very productive weekend. I’ve mowed the lawn and that’s about it!! I did have coffee with a friend; does that count?

  3. Uncly Uncle Says:

    You need to have a Like button on your blog. – UU

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    You are always flinging! I am really beginning to think that you have more stuff to fling than I do!

  5. kayak woman Says:

    I have a lotta stuff! I’ve been told that flinging is “catching”. 😉

    P.S. coffee with a friend *definitely* counts!