Lean on me.

I came home from a walking trip to the Plum Market after a day of flinging and walking and brunch with Mouse and I needed to walk just a wee bit more. So I dropped my grokkeries off inside the front door of the Landfill and headed over to the schoolyard. I thought I would take a quick little walk around the school and through the woods. I stopped to check out my favorite fungus. There’s a part of me that wonders why we need to create committees and spend tax dollars for a public art program when art is everywhere but I’ll kvetch about that another day…

After I checked out the fungus, I looked up!

Whoa! Was that tree leaning like that this morning? Or yesterday? Or last week? I wasn’t sure. I walk through there when it’s pitch black and my eyes are trained on the ground, on the watch for stinky black and white striped aminals. It is a BIG tree. The trunk is a couple feet in diameter at the bottom. Kind of like the Fungus Tree. I wonder if these are “volunteer” trees…

And then, a piece of paper caught my eye. It was attached to the fence around the “prairie” adjacent to the south side of the woods, which is behind my loverly old landfill.

Thanks to whoever put out this sign. Good to know that the city is coming out tomorrow. Or maybe they should send out some of their real estate developer friends. Those guys are good at cutting down trees. Hopefully they don’t send out any of the Public Art folks. Anyway, I hope something is done soon because this tree is hanging over the ENTRANCE TO THE SCHOOLYARD!!!

One Response to “Lean on me.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That would be a disaster if that tree fell over on kids; it looks pretty substantial! Art is everywhere indeed. It’s too bad so many people miss it!