I’m handing out meat treats this year, how about you?

Okay, not really. I have the usual snack-size candy bars. You know, Reese’s peanut butter cups and KitKat and little bags of M&Ms and I fergit what else. W1.5 claims he’s handing out jerky this year. I would send the GG down to W1.5’s house except that we already seem to have a supply of jerky around here. The spoils of a Guy Weekend closing up a friend’s cabin in Da Yooperland. No showers. That counts out a lot of women, including yer fav-o-rite blahgger. Anyway, we have jerky. It doesn’t seem to be ostrich jerky. How do I know that? Because when I open up the refrigerator, I don’t SMELL it!

I think W1.5 is not feeling the Halloween spirit this year. I know I’m not. We usually carve pumpkins. That is, the GG does. He puts on a mad scientist lab coat and gets out his power tools and buzzes up a bunch of jack-o-lanterns. With Courtois faces… This year? Not so much. He was off on a Guy Weekend and I was flinging (and walking). And we have not set up any skeleton lights.

And we usually stuff this old orange prison suit (VanderGriff or somebody) with leaves and prop him up on a ladder with a jack-o-lantern on the top rung. No jack-o-lanterns on The Indefatigable either. No Indefatigable. The effect is just not the same on the Ninja or the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen.

Only a few people dressed up at work this year. Cube Neighbor had a wonderful Professor McGonagall costume. She was so cute! I wore a very toned down “costume”. I dressed almost completely in black. I usually wear at least one article of jewel-toned clothing. Today? All black. Except for my spider-web socks. And my bat mardi-gras beads.

I left work a little early today. The Planet Ann Arbor always tries to decree that the trick-or-treat hours are 5PM to 8PM. Excuse me? 5 PM? What? There are still a few of us out there with day jobs and I usually *leave* work at around five. Even though I left a bit early today, when I drove into my neighborhood just after five this afternoon, there was a group of trick-or-treaters making their way down my street. I thought something like, “Good luck with that. Nobody’s home!” Of course, here it is 6:45 and we have had exactly *four* customers.

I actually *like* Halloween. I am usually at least a bit excited about it. This year I am totally utterly absolutely focused on flinging. If that continues, maybe I’ll get more excited about Halloween next year. Maybe without such a bunch of junk, I will actually be able to *find* our (pared down) Halloween paraphernalia down there in the Landfill Dungeon. Sure took me a while this year. That could be because it was in several places…

I am outta words. I will close with this photo, which I seem to post frequently. But this may have been one of the best Halloweens I remember. It was cold out (check out the sweater under the princess/fairy’s costume (What? All girls are princesses, didn’t anyone ever tell you that?). But it wasn’t cold (or wet) enough that people had to take baths to warm up when they got home. And nobody was coming down with the chicken pox. We almost lost New Mouse but a short backtrack to the Burke’s yard turned it up.

Happy Halloween,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “I’m handing out meat treats this year, how about you?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have those little candy bars too. I keep telling my husband to buy Skittles or something I hate, but he always gets yummy chocolate. Hope there won’t be TOO many left over. I love Halloween and wish my district would let us dress up. Party poopers!!