Luxury camping

I guess if they can set up wifi at various OWS encampments, we can sure set it up at the Squatter’s Paradise. And we did today.

Staying at the Squatter’s Paradise these days is a bit like camping. Pack it in and pack it out. I was hoping to manage to stay here all weekend without preparing a meal here but, as it turns out, I have a love/hate relationship with eating out. I love eating restaurant meals and being served food and we can afford it (in moderation) and, well, yada yada yada. Except when I don’t. I love to cook too. And so, last night, we ate at the wonderful Palace Saloon. We had a fantastic waitress and great entertainment by way of the ambulance that came and picked up a beautiful young woman who had collapsed in the Palace doorway and couldn’t get up. The waitress had no idea what was going on (or maybe couldn’t say) and neither did we. The horsepittal (that we are all too familiar with in recent years) is two and a half blocks from the Palace Saloon, so they didn’t have far to schlep her.

Where was I? Oh yeah. This place is a luxury camp site. Everything anyone has in a modern home: full-size refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer. There is every kind of cooking dish or pan or whatever you might need here and cooking books too. Running water, flushy toilet and shower! Water that comes from Lake Superior, more or less. I can remember being a kid asking for pop or whatever and The Parents saying, “You can have a Lake Superior cocktail.” Gee thanks, mom…

Internet? Well. We didn’t have broadband Internet here last night. We moved The Commander’s phone service down to the Command Central @FV a while back. FV has built in broadband wifi, so the DSL that went with the Comm’s service got canceled so last night we were relegated to using our iPhones/iPads on the Edge network. Not fun. Brings back memories of dial-up internet service. We did a lot of errands today in between visiting The Commander in the hoosegow (yes, but it’s okay, she’s okay and will be sprung tomorrow). One of our errands was to obtain a cable modem and so we did and the GG installed it and we are again broad-banded and wi-fi-if-ied here at our luxury camp site.

At this point in my life, I’m not sure I could do without internet service for more than a few days, unless I notified folks beforehand how they could contact me. I know that there are people who want to get off the “grid” and that’s okay. But there are so many things that I do these days that rely on internet connectivity that I almost can’t envision my life without the internet. When I need to contact various people about family related things, email is the most efficient way to contact them. Except for text messaging, which I use for quick, immediate messages.

I made a pizza tonight and we have just finished dinner and are about to go “down boat” as yer fav-o-rite blahgger used to say to her parents when she was a baby and wanted to go for a waterfront ride. And the then-young banker, former army air corps pilot and tannery worker would always oblige.

Signing off from the Squatter’s Paradise.
Love y’all
Kayak Woman

P.S. The photoooo? I was walking barefoot on fin family moominbeach this afternoon. In November!!!

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  1. Pooh Says:

    Either you have no pain receptors in your feet, or it is unexpectedly warm in Sault Sainte Siberia! Love the picture.