Things are still on the upswing but we are not springing yet

If you go to visit somebody in the hoosegow (or Woldemort’s Halloween clearance sale), you may end up looking like this. Honestly, he did not look like this when I married him or even this morning (going on 30 years later) when he helped lead cat herd another loverly North Country Trail hike. This afternoon (while he was down for a long November’s nap) I was out running errands walking the beach, and he texted me to pick him up at the hoosegow. When I arrived there, the GG had been replaced by this entity.

A North Country Trail (NCT) hike was scheduled for today and The Commander insisted that I accompany the GG on it. I love the NCT folks and the Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter has got to be one of the most active chapters. And the GG somehow got to be a favored hike leader. They schedule a hike every month. If I weren’t gainfully employed and didn’t have a 90-year-old person five hours away from my house to keep my eye on, I would hike with them *every* month. But I can’t. But I did today. Because The Comm insisted that I go. And she would be okay. And not fall over dead. And she was okay and didn’t fall over dead and even managed (with Gabby’s help) to call me via her iPhone. And answer me on her iPhone when I called her back when I finally got cell phone service again… On the freeway…

I hate the cat-herding involved with these hikes. Who is starting where and ending where and where do we have to transport people and spot vee-hickles. Today was relatively easy, although a few of us borderline Aspies (me, maybe) were quietly going haywire until the details got worked out. Which actually involved *us* driving a friend’s *hummer* to spot it at Burma Road.

Great hike! *Our* hike was 5.76 miles via my iPhone pedometer app. There were many hike options today so many folks got different mileages. The GG knew that I needed to walk at least five miles, so he planned our own personal route accordingly. With other folks who like to hike fast and can be social but don’t need to be. We all kind of met in the middle near a brand new bridge across the Carp River. We roasted hot dogs and life was good. I love the NCT folks but I am so anti-social these days that it is hard for me to make small talk most days. Fortunately, people engaged me… Thank you and keep trying, you guys… I love you and I’m in there…

3 Responses to “Things are still on the upswing but we are not springing yet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the cat herding too and when I’m stressed, the last thing I want to do is make chit chat. However, I’m glad you went on the hike and had a great time!! Hope the Comm is improving.

  2. sharkbytes Says:

    Very funny! May I use an excerpt and link back to here from North Country Trail News?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Sure thing 🙂