Pseudo grandpa

So where was I? The Commander is still in the hoosegow but I actually think that is a good thing. She is recovering very well and seems almost normal but I would rather she not get discharged until she is totally over this damn bug. The FV staff agree with me about that and the hoosegow staff are treating her like a queen.

At any rate, we drove back down to the Planet Ann Arbor today. We arrived later than I really wanted to but it was for a good reason. We took a detour over to Megalopolis to greet a new child into the Courtois family. I am not going to give you *any* details here, well, except that that this is a beautiful baby. But it’s up to the parents to announce their child to the world. Us great aunts and uncles need to stay in the peanut gallery.

We knew that this babe would be born this month but we didn’t know that it would be born today. It wasn’t our job to watch. Exactly. Except that this gorgeous newborn babe is the first grandchild of the GG’s identical twin. In the GG’s mind, this means that it is his biological grandchild. And I guess that’s true. Anyway as soon as I knew that it would be “baby day” I knew that our odyssey down to the Planet Ann Arbor would involve a detour over to a megalopolis-area horsepittal. The GG loves babies and I knew he wouldn’t be satisfied until he met this baby.

So we went from the wonderful little Yooper horsepittal to the posh megalopolis horsepittal. We met the new baby and then we traversed back over to our beloved old planet. And after I flung all of the garbage, recycling, and laundry that we generated (and found) up in Siberia, I dragged out a bunch of leftover food that I stuffed into the freezer before we left last Thursday, heated it up, made a salad and voila!

Good night. Love you all.
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Pseudo grandpa”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hospitaled out? I know I am and we still have this week or part it, probably. Yuck. Glad that the Comm is improving. My husband is too, but they’re still not sure what he has/had. Pneumonia cultures came back negative.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Were you wearing shoes for this post’s photo, or did someone else walk the beach also?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I was wearing shoes (Chaco sandals).