Deer in the headlights

I was walking up W1.5’s street this morning and when I was crossing the street just east of his house, I heard this kind of light cloppity cloppity noise. It was still very dark and at first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. Dog? Nope. Too big. And no human on a string dragging along behind it. Horse? Waaayyy too small and we don’t usually have horses around the neighborhood anyway. Although I’m sure Mouse would’ve kept one in the back yard when she was in middle school if it was possible. So… Deer? Bingo.

Deer are not unheard of inside the Planet Ann Arbor city limits and there is a large woods near where I walk, so I’m sure that deer occasionally do get into the adjacent neighborhood. Still, this is the first deer I have ever seen on my walking route (I did once see a fox but I digress). I see deer on my Houghton Lake walking route all the time and I have seen them on my work walking route. Neighborhood? Not so much. I was transfixed. The deer loped up the street and then back and headed off through various yards. I bet most of those folks were still asleep or maybe doing their morning routine and never knew they had a deer in their yard.

I spent five minutes or so watching (and twittering) and then I headed on toward home. It was light by the time I got home. Last week when I would arrive home after my walk, it was still pitch black. On the flip side of that, my GPS flipped over to night mode as soon as I got into the driveway tonight. I needed grokkeries and so I made my walking trip to the Plum Market mostly in the dark.

I like all of the seasons. I love when I am at the Moominbeach in June and I can still see light in the western sky at 11:00 PM. On the other hand, I love to drive home in the dark in the winter.

I guess the hoosegow finally got tired of having The Commander over there telling them all what to do all the time because they discharged her earlier today. She is back at Command Central. She’s probably telling people what to do. She’s definitely calling me up to complain about her phone and food and various other details. (Moom, if you are reading this, picture me sticking my tongue out at you! :-))

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