Shop until you drop.

Was that *me* yesterday ranting and raving and kvetching about shopping? Really? Um, okay, KW. Open mouth, remove foot. Today… Bed, Bath & Beyond: potato masher and k’niffie for Mouse. And some pop-up sponges and some kind of fancy hi-tech kitchen towels too. And a garlic zoom for me. And a couple of secret things that are gonna get mailed, some sooner than later, so don’t anybody getcher underwear in a bunch and start hanging out there harassing your mailman. Damages? $55.07. Michaels: three packs of orange LED Halloween lights, one for Mouse, two fer yer favo-rite blahgger. Why? Because *last* year, it got to be about a week before Halloween and I figgered out that all my old Halloween-type lights were dead and dooya think I could find Halloween lights anywhere in town? Um, xmas lights are not orange. Of course, later on, a similar thing happened to me about xmas lights too. You’da thunk I wouldda learned something from the Halloween light fiasco, roight? Not. Damages? $15.87. Trader Joe’s: three bottles of two-buck Chuck, two Shiraz, one Chardonnay, a bag of avocados, and, hmm, oh yeah, Mouse bought some bread. And a TJ’s reusable bag because I LEFT MY BAGS IN THE CAR! AGAIN!!! Damages? $29.88. And then I dropped Mouse downtown since we’re down to two automotive vee-hickles around here. Oh, and I was *gonna* put gas in the Cute Little Blue Honda Civic but apparently the gas gauge popper-opener thingie is broken and only the blasted GG can get the thing open. And the scheduled maintenance light is flashing in the Dirty Old Green Honda Accord so that’s three vee-hickles down and none to go. I’m sure the Ol’ Boy is having a field day watching our latest vee-hickular fiasco from wherever he is, and, once again, Kevin Loo, where are you? BTW, putting gas into a vee-hickle does not really constitute “shopping” in my book.

That’s all the shopping I did today but that’s not all the excitement, nosirree. The wonderful odor that has emanated from the regurgitator for the last couple of days was finally determined to be emanating from a plastic container of two (or three) week old fish and rice. It sure was pretty. Green and blue and orange. Sorry, but I did not take a picture of it. And, in a spurt of great enthusiasm related to finishing my second sock, it turned out that I knit three-and-a-quarter rows *farther* than I was supposed to knit and now I am having to tink those three-and-a-quarter rows out. Except that I have also managed to lose track of how many rows I have tinked. I am sure that Mouse will be very happy and relieved when I finally finish this pair of socks. Oh, and before all that, we went on one of our favorite little urban hikes down by the Urine Huron River. I keep thinking it is just a short little walk but given the length of time we were out there, I’m gonna guess it is actually several miles. Click here or on the pic for slides. I only had my iPhone camera today, so they are what they are.

5 Responses to “Shop until you drop.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    I think there’s supposed to be a “release cable” for the gas-flap…in the trunk, maybe? Check the manual…

    Maintenance light on the A-chord? Is it due for oil change or one-a them-thar “milestone maintenance” checklists? That could be all it is – I hope.

    Indefatigable? I think the Ol’ Boy – if he were still around – would’ve somehow managed to *shame* GG into getting rid of it about 2.7 years ago. But, I know the GG has a TREMENDOUS EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to a vee-hickle with a rusted-thru frame (um, bolts DO shear, so that so-called “fix” doesn’t count – I don’t care whathethinks). And multiple tranny failures over the course of a few months mean SCRAP YARD! He’ll get more money for the catalytic converter than the rest of the vehicle is worth….

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    In My Humble Opinion, of course 😉

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Full disclosure, the blahg was a bit hyperbolic about vee-hickles 😉

    Green Honda: it’s the *scheduled* maintenance light. It’s just flashing. The vee-hickle is fine. I just drove it back and forth to the beach with the flashing light and no prob. But, after 100K, the scheduled maintenance stuff is always expensive for one reason or another.

    Blue Honda: Minor problem except that I want to drive that thing north for my next excursion. So, we’ll figger that out.

    Jeep: I’m just hanging out here waiting for everybody and everything to hit bottom. Long as I can get to work, I couldn’t care less.

  4. Dog Mom Says:


    Hondas RULE!

    Re Jeep: R.I.P. (IMHO)

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    …channelling The Engineer, of course 😉