Fish Fly Salad

Isn’t this salad beautiful? If a little fuzzy. It’s not mold fuzzies, it’s just iPhone pic fuzzies. And there aren’t any fish flies in this salad either. Sorry. It’s just a beautiful salad with all kinds of different colors in it. Lettuce and grape tomatoes and several colors of peppers and red onion and cucumber. We ate it at the cabin on Fin Family Moominbeach on the last night of my first paid vacation in somewhere around 15 years. The enchiladas that went with it were really pretty too. Vegetarian variety with rice and refried black beans and cheese and green onions and black olives. Smothered in sauce and topped with more cheese. Beautiful. The dishes got mostly done that night and all of the leftover food got put away. But the pan I used to bake the enchiladas was crusted with the usual bits of burned stuff and I wanted to walk the beach and visit the Green Guy Internet Cafe, so I left the pan to soak overnight. Or so I thought. Of course, I didn’t manage to properly “seat” the drain stopper. When I got up and went downstairs the next morning, the water had drained out of the sink and the pan, which was kind of tilted because that’s the only way it fits in the sink, had bits of food still stuck to it and a little pool of ice cold water and a whole bunch of dead *fish flies*. Along with a few other insects, fortunately none of the ones that I am phobic about or I’d’ve had to call for some reinforcement dish troops. Anyway, it’s unbelievable how many fish flies were getting *inside* the cabin this year. Usually they live and die above the beach, near the water’s edge. But the hatch was weeks late this year and it was persistently windy in an onshore way so they all got blown back into the woods and cabin area. I thought, “I bet all my blahggy type friends would *love* to have a picture of that whole mess” and I headed off to get my camera. But then I could hear the Commander starting to stumble and grumble around and I decided that if she saw my big ugly mess, I would never hear the end of it, so I just got down to business and cleaned the whole thing up. So, sorry you got this boring old salad and not a loverly fish fly enchilada picture.

2 Responses to “Fish Fly Salad”

  1. Sam Says:

    KW—you have been a legendary enchilada maker since EL daze….

  2. Valdemort Says:

    I was up there this weekend, and found that the screen in the bathroom window was loose and revealed a sizable gap. The Commander usually leaves the bathroom light on at night in case she has to get up, and the bugs have been getting in that way.