In which life settles back into the usual dull roar

Soooo… Last night. We were hanging out at the Landfill as usual. After spending 45 fun minutes on the phone with The Commander, I *finally* had dinner underway. The doorbell rang. Okay. I do not like to answer the damn door *any* time. Sometimes it’s Luke and I *never* mind when he comes to the door but if it’s not Luke, it’s usually a solicitor. I am not happy about talking to door-to-door solicitors at *any* time, especially after a long day at work and a walk to the Plum Market and a long phone conversation with The Commander and a struggle to get dinner ready. I made the GG do it.

Well, guess what? It was a FACEBOOK FRIEND OF MINE!!! From high school! He had an extension cord in his hand. No, he is not a serial killer! Actually he is not someone I knew well in high school at all. I knew his cousin a lot better (one of my old classical musician buddies). I didn’t even know they were cousins until Facebook came along. The cousin’s sister is a friend of *my* cousin, The Beautiful Jan, and it just kind of goes on and on and on…

Anyway… He and his dog were on their way to Siberia for Turkey Day. He was driving his camper and there was a Metro airport pick-up involved somehow and, as he approached the Planet Ann Arbor, his generator gave up the ghost and he needed a place to plug in and park the camper for the night. He checked facebook for who he might know that was nearby and, well, guess who? We served him a cocktail. Well, actually, he had his own preferred cocktail makings in the camper.

Coincidentally, a few days ago, the GG, who looks at Facebook intermittently, noticed that I had commented on this person’s status. The GG rather snarkily asked, “Who is so-and-so, your old boyfriend?” Well. You know I gave the GG the evil eye. I mean, nooooo, he wasn’t my boyfriend. (Not that he wouldn’t have been boyfriend material. He just wasn’t *my* boyfriend.) As I said earlier, I didn’t really know him well in high school. I *did* have two boyfriends in high school (oh, not at the same time, you guys…). I am not Facebook friends with either of them. They may be “on Facebook” but I don’t know. I don’t tend to search people out on Facebook. If either of them were ever to send me a friend request, I would probably accept it but I am not seeking them out. And the GG doesn’t (apparently) understand that if he gets hit by a beer truck (please don’t), I will not be looking for a boyfriend. (I mean, you never know what life will throw your way but I will not be *looking* for one. And I hope the GG doesn’t get hit by a beer truck any time soon.)

Anyway, really really nice fun person and I think the GG had a great time talking to him too. I love Facebook moments like this but I am looking forward to a quieter evening tonight. And I’m sure my Facebook friend is having fun with his wife and family in the beautiful Yooperland.

P.S. It was an absolutely gorgeous November day. Gray skies all day, LOTS of rain ALL afternoon. Took me 45 minutes to drive my eight mile commute home this afternoon.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love FB for that reason–connections! Are you serious about the gorgeous Nov. day? Because we had that kind of day here and I did NOT consider it gorgeous at all!!