Baggy old bag with a bag full of bags

Yes I do remember the time that I woke up in the middle of the night — that batscope time of night — to the horrible smell of burnt chilis and fish sauce. Loverly. And in the morning, the two conspirators in the photooo argued about whose vee-hickle would be used to transport their stinky food down to the multicultural potluck at Communist Martyrs High School, our loverly little alternative high school here on the Planet Ann Arbor.

I don’t remember who won that little argument but the girls hanging out at our old PowerMac in the photooo have been friends since they were in 7th grade. I remember dragging Lizard Breath (with the braid) with me over to the Middle Years Alternative office before school started that year. The Beautiful Mary Beth was also there with Jess in tow. I remember thinking something like, “that girl would be a wonderful friend for Liz.” Not that Liz didn’t have other friends. Just that… Anyway, they did become friends that year (with no intervention from me, just to be clear, I just had a premonition). They went to Commie High together, and then K College, and… then… San Francisco… I’m gonna guess that photooo was from about 9th grade.

Anyway, I can’t believe that the burnt chili / fish sauce Thai food cooking experiment was *10* (count ’em) years ago!!! I bet that Commie High does still do a multi-culti potluck but, since the Planet Ann Arbor schools are now closed the Wednesday before Turkey Day, it probably happens on Tuesday.

This year? I am not sure what Lizard Breath is doing for Thanksgiving but it is typical for her to host or attend parties out in SanFran so I hope that’s what she’s doing. We are doing a quiet little celebration here on The Planet. Just us and Mouse. (Any time, Mouse. Eggs Benny in the morning if you want to try to get here.) I *am* cooking a whole (small) turkey. We will use / freeze the leftovers.

Why only three of us? Because I am sort of socially / psychically exhausted. I don’t want to travel (tomorrow anyway). I don’t want to hang out at somebody else’s house. And I don’t really want to be a hostess. If anything, I want to spend a little time flinging… Aaannnddd… Our plan is to get up early on Friday morning and shoot up to Houghton Lake for the weekend. We have not been there in a while and we miss it and I think I need to hang out with some in-laws, etc.

I have a hankering to head up to Petoskey for a day trip on Saturday. Been too long since I have been to Petoskey.

I got off work a wee bit early today. I needed that too. The GG came home not long after I did and he suggested we go out to eat. We walked over to Knight’s and it turned out that was just what I / we needed! And, to boot, as we were waiting at the bar for a table, we got into a conversation with a long-haired hippy-looking guy who does computer stuff for U of M and is familiar with the old *MTS* system that we used to use at that darn EPA back in the old days! Good times. (Oh, and some friends of ours came in just as we were about to leave and I’m not sure they would’ve noticed us if the GG hadn’t thrown a napkin at them!)

I am rambling. Good night. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and eat whatever you want!

2 Responses to “Baggy old bag with a bag full of bags”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving. I like them on a small scale. I’m not a fan of groups anyway. Our gathering will also be one of our smallest ever. I wish Ashley could be here, but she’s volunteering serving meals at a church in NYC with her roommate. It will be a good experience for her.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Thanks for the extra napkin it came in handy ….. Oddly enough there was a guy who looked a lot like the GG sitting at the bar when we came up …..