Lemme see…

Got up, took shower, threw backpack in the Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen and started walking downtown.

Hit black ice halfway down Prospect and landed on my you-know-what (and hand).

Texted folks still at Squatter’s Paradise to ask them to throw my Chaco’s (&%^# apostrophes) Chacos in the Frog Hopper.

Breakfast at Frank’s. GG wondered aloud if the Grinch would show up. Waitress immediately piped up, “he’s already been in and gone.”

Went to hoosegow to receive the day’s marching orders.

None other than the Grinch called to ask what that strange vee-hickle (Dogmomster’s) was doing in the Squatter’s Paradise driveway.

Squatter’s Paradise for xmas decorations.

Antique store for white rocking chair. Almost bought a turkey platter. Santa? (Yes, I know I am supposed to be flinging, not acquiring.)

Took xmas decorations and rocker to FV. Grabbed a pair of The Commanders socks and a coat. Realized that my right hand kind of ached. What is up with that? Oh yeah, see black ice (above).

Took socks and coat to hoosegow. Hung up coat and asked if socks were the right ones (so we could buy more).

Lunch at Zorba the Greek.

KMart for socks, liquid plumber, shampoo and I fergit what else. Looonnnnngggg lines and lots of paper spitting outta the cash register. Note to KMart: install some uscans and save a few trees while you’re at it.

Squatter’s Paradise, where plumbing crew (GG & Dogmomster) attempted to unplug drain. Dogmomster stuffed a plastic bag in my backpack and by this time I was so addle-brained all I could think was, “Why is she putting that in there?”

Knock-down, drag-out fight with PayPal, which has my account “limited”. Why? It’s all AT&T’s fault. When I dropped the Landfill’s landline, AT&T forgot to remind me that I needed to inform PayPal. Can I just say that PayPal’s website has a god-awful user interface. I’ll call it “infinite loop” and leave it at that. No time (or psychological fortitude) to call customer service. Issue still unresolved…

Back to hoosegow. Commander asleep after visit from our Northern Correspondent Paulette. Decided to let her sleep. I took a walk, the GG & Dogmomster did a little shopping.

Back to hoosegow again. Woke up The Commander, who asked for her new socks. I was bewildered. Where were they? Did I forget them? Oh yeah, they were in the plastic bag that Dogmomster stuffed in my backpack. Duh.

Out to Cozy Inn to have dinner with Captain Pete.

Back to hoosegow to say goodnight. Commander sleeping. Decided not to wake her up.

In for the night (knock on wood).

In and out of the Frog Hopper about a billion times today. In and out of the Hoosegow and up and down the elevators about a billion times today. In and out of the Squatter’s Paradise about a billion times today. Absolutely totally utterly exhausted. That is all.

2 Responses to “Vortex”

  1. Pooh Says:

    How’s your hand? More importantly, how’s your psyche? Busy day yesterday, and lots of dealing with stuff. Stay strong and know that your are loved.

  2. jay Says:

    Give our love to all that you see up north. And yourselves as well.