I’d rather watch the muppets!

Will somebody please clone me? I’m not talking about the kind of clone who could fill in for me on the Planet Ann Arbor while I wend my way through some rather uncharted territory here at WMH. A clone who could earn my pay as a systems analyst and keep up with the Landfill Flinging Prodject. That would be a nice kind of clone to have but how ’bout a finder-seeker-picker-upper type clone…

Find the heirloom quilt. And the green Pengo-knit scarf. And some nice, simple Christmas decorations (they’re in the gaa-rage). Maybe a few lights too? Socks? What kind? SmartWool? Those short little cotton things? Barish Brothers? KMart? What else? A rocker. Just a small old-fashioned wooden rocker. And I fergit what else.

Found the heirloom quilt. Whew! Actually, the one that graced my bed as a child. Scarf? Yes. The GG found it. It was in the 2nd drawer, just where it was supposed to be. I looked in the second drawer in the *bedroom* and *that* drawer was empty. The GG looked in the second drawer in the plastic storage unit in the *front hall* closet and. Bingo. All of the other stuff mentioned was found or procured or whatever. But. Sheesh! I am taarrrred tonight.

We are still in the yooperland. The Commander was stepped down to a regular hoosegow room last night. I walked downtown in the dark this morning and when I tripped along to her ICU room, The Goddess Kathy (uber ICU RN) caught sight of me to mention the move. I dunno. I *need* to go home (to my house in Ann Arbor in this definition of “home”). We were poised to head south this morning but, in the end, I was just not quite confident that I could leave. So we are still here at the Squatter’s Paradise although we are hoping to head south tomorrow.

So, I just wish I had a clone that I could send out to remember and maybe even do all of these errands. Because there’s only so much that I can hold in my baggy old systems analyst type head and I am struggling here. Clones please?

Not sure what to say next. One day at a time…

Love y’all, KW

P. S. We needed vermouth the other day and whaddya think one of Glen’s front and center Christmas displays was? 🙂

One Response to “I’d rather watch the muppets!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    On overload? Too many things on that list? I’ve often thought that a clone would be nice, or even a wife. Is it wrong to have three people in a relationship? 😉 Glad the Comm has been upgraded!