The post that crashed the server

I finally did it! I wrote a post that was so lame it crashed the server. Funny thing, it was one of those days when 1000 little post ideas kept bubbling up all day and then when it was time to begin my blather, nothing! I did think the photooo was kind of cool.

So, can you really crash a server via lame blahgging? I don’t suppose so but I did remark to Sam the Archaeologist that the server couldn’t have picked a better day to go down. At least if you were looking for something interesting or erudite here at Chez KW.

This particular server goes down very rarely and I didn’t even know it was down until I got an email from the support staff person at the ISP that hosts my blahg. Yes, that’s right. I got an EMAIL. I didn’t even double-check that the server was down. I was done-done-done with that particular blahg entry and I knew that the server *would* be fixed. Soon. After a few hours, I got another email: “Server fixed, I think.” And yes. It was.

Can I just say? A lot of people get some little perks in life by way of who they know. I mean there are the 1%-ers who might be born to the Queen of Mixolydia or have a star-shipping magnate uncle from Zephron III or whatever. As a 99%-er, my connections are a little more modest but I have a few of them. And one of them is my webguy, aka jcb.

A few years ago, when my (expensive) web hosting service was absolutely giving me fits, jcb convinced me to join up with the ragtag band of renegades (something like that) that he hosts. I took him up on it. I can only rave about the service. But I don’t want to rave too loudly because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want a whole ton of people asking for hosting services. He is not GoDaddy and he has other things to do. Hosting websites is a small sideline. Suffice it to say that this is a THANK YOU to someone who does a wonderful job hosting my blahg and email, et al.

And how do I know this person? What’s the connection? I have told this story before but it bears telling again. Once upon a time, my cousin Jay brought a friend with her to the Yooperland. The friend was Sam the Archaeologist and we met on Radical Betty’s back deck. I liked Sam well enough but we both had lots of friends already and lots of stuff going on in our lives. Even though we were both attending Moo-U, I didn’t expect that we would end up friends. Boy was I wrong! One of my BFFs? Yes, yes, yes. And she is married to jcb, who is my wonderful webguy. And the only complaint I could ever make about him is that he got the server back up fast enough today that my lame post from yesterday was still at the top of my blahg. Just kidding, jcb.

One Response to “The post that crashed the server”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No, I should crash the server with all my whining and ranting. 🙂 I don’t have any connections at all. It’s strange how people meet and make friends sometimes, isn’t it? I met many good friends through my girls’ activities.