Beating back the holiday malaise

I expected to be in the Yooperland this weekend, visiting with The Commander and hiking with the North Country Trail folks. Since I landed up there rather unexpectedly last weekend, I am at the Landfill now. What have I accomplished today? Hmmm…

I got caught up with the laundry. Finally. Landfill laundry. Squatter’s Paradise laundry. Moomincabin laundry. The latter two are packaged in two plastic garbage bags with labels attached to them: Squatter’s Paradise and Moomincabin. Not that we’ll be spending much time at the moomincabin until spring, just so we know what goes where.

Xmas shopping? Not so much. Walked down to the Farmer’s Market and did *not* find what I wanted. Where *was* that woman today? I walked through the Kerrytown shops and didn’t really find anything that anyone NEEDED. I found stuff that *I* liked. That doesn’t mean somebody else might like it. Also, when I am finished flinging and am able to concentrate on redecorating my nice empty Landfill, I *will* need want *some* new things. But I am not gonna start buying stuff now.

After Kerrytown, I braved the wind tunnel that downtown Planet Ann Arbor is becoming with all the new highrise buildings. Please, no more of those! I walked two blocks of Main Street. I couldn’t make myself enter a single store. Oh. Except, there is the Art Center! Cool stuff from local/state artists. Alas. It wasn’t open. New hours: 11 AM to whatever. It was 10:45. I couldn’t think of any way to fill 15 minutes, so I began my trek back over to the west side. You guys, I know you have a volunteer staff but, if you want holiday business, you have to be OPEN when people are downtown and some of us like to be oot and aboot early (not that 11 AM is EARLY!).

Lots of flinging this afternoon. I am not finished with the Landfill Dungeon but I think I am going to have to move my focus to the upstairs for now. And I did that. Lots of de-cluttering and Rooooommbaaing and dusting (yes, really). The Landfill is not anywhere near as clear of “stuff” as The Commander’s house but I am making progress.

What I am maybe happiest about is that I now have a string of blue lights across the top of the Landfill front room wall. The GG does not totally agree with me about stringing lights across the top of the living room wall. I like them. When the beach urchins were young and coming home late, if I didn’t hear them squeak when they came in the front door, I knew they were home when the lights were out. Nowadays they provide enough light to navigate the room without having a big overhead light on.

3 Responses to “Beating back the holiday malaise”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I bought silly stuff that the girls will probably like; much of it is edible or wearable or gift cards. I spent very little this year in keeping with my husband having been out of work now for months. 🙁

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Malaise. That is the perfect word this year. I AM trying to work at fighting it, and maybe this weekend I’m finally feeling a little successful about that. The house is still barren festive-wise, but the plan is to set out a few things tomorrow. And the painted snowflakes on my ring-fingers have given me a surprising lift.

  3. Sam Says:

    We have three strings of colored LED lights in our living room both for the decorative/cheery element, and as “night” lights…. I think the latter’s a GREAT idea! / PS Congrats on the serial flinging!