It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride grokgrok grokgrok groooookkkkk….

Err, roight. Where is that loverly pontoon boat when I need it? You know, now that I know how to drive it. [Or not… ;-)] And… Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for somebody to patch up the crack in the Landfill Dungeon wall so I don’t have to keep splashing my way over to the laundry area. Because I do not have a pontoon boat down there.

I am really not complaining about the lack of snow. I usually *like* snow. It’s good for things like skiing, et al. What I am not crazy about is slippery commutes in a vee-hickle with performance taaarrrs. (Hmmm… Dear Santa, snow taaarrs?) I like the Mean Green Frog-hoppin’ Musheen just fine but I loooovvvve my cute little Ninja. Just freaks me out thinking about being on the bad side of an accident with somebody in some big SUV. Or even somebody in a Frog-hoppin’ Musheen.

On the other hand, I suppose if I can telecommute from a horsepittal long-term care facility or an un-insulated cabin on Gitchee Gumee in June [yes, it was colder than blue blazes and I was sleeping in leggings and a polartech jacket], I can probably telecommute from the Landfill. It’s a whole new world these days. But there are also those five-hour trips up to the Great White North, not that it’s very white these days. Actually, in the last six months or so [after that June Gitchee Gumee cabin episode], it has more often than not been warmer up in the Yooperland than here. But it was NOT 75 degrees up there today. Not outside. If somebody tries to tell you that, do NOT believe them! (Er, Love you Moom ;-))

I don’t really understand those big lighted blow-up holiday decorations that some people have in their yards at this time of the year. For one thing, it seems like it probably takes a lot of lucky-shucky to keep them going, especially [?] those snow globe things. And then there’s a friend of mine who would put a big snowman out and the hoodlums in her upscale neighborhood would come around and puncture it or whatever. [You have to know some of those hoodlums “grew up” and went to Harvard or wherever, prolly *not* without help from their doting parental units. I’m not going there tonight.] I dunno. Some of those blow-up things are sort of cute. But.

More than anything, I prefer light displays. Not necessarily the ones where the whole house is covered with lights, although those things can be fun in their own way. I like strings or clusters of lights on trees or bushes or whatever. This year we are minimalist. We have: 1) a multicolored string of LEDs across the eaves along the front of the house (we leave it up year-round and only turn it on in the winter), 2) the purple LEDs that have been in the front window for years. 3) Blue lights (LED? think so but can’t remember) along the top of the front living room wall.

I am gonna leave these lights on as long as it is dark most of the time. It has nothing to do with any kind of religion. It is winter and it is dark. We need light!

There is some kind of blasted *fly* in here. A fly in December. It isn’t the first time. And with that, I guess I will end…

One Response to “It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride grokgrok grokgrok groooookkkkk….”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I agree with you–I love the tasteful lights. I HATE any inflatables and would love to shoot them with my non-existent bbgun. 🙂