The Free Dictionary:

Physics: The distribution of a characteristic of a physical system or phenomenon, especially 1) The distribution of energy emitted by a radiant source, as by an incandescent body, arranged in order of wavelengths. 2) The distribution of atomic or subatomic particles in a system, as in a magnetically resolved molecular beam, arranged in order of masses.

A range of values of a quantity or set of related quantities.

A broad sequence or range of related qualities, ideas, or activities: the whole spectrum of 20th-century thought.

I dunno if the *free* dictionary is the *best* dictionary. It’s just the one that ended up at the top of my quick and dirty google search. It’s okay. This definition pretty much fills the bill.

I have been thinking about spectrums all day. Well, in between doing my loverly old systems analyst job and making / answering phone calls / email messages / text messages. In a way, what I was doing today was a bit spectrumish. Believe me, you would be bored to tears if I tried to describe it to you. Like, ever hear of a BAI file? I didn’t think so… I did have fun finding a few little errors in a spreadsheet my ultra-sharp, eagle-eyed colleague FZ put together. FZ’s eagle eye loves to find typos in my specs (spellcheck only goes so far in a 200+ page technical document with lots of acronyms and other non-words) so this was a bit back atchya…

I think that we all exist on various spectrums: family structure, education, income, gender (yes), religion, I am outta steam and I dunno what else. I can’t write coherently about politics tonight (I’m not sure I *ever* can) but I do not feel like we can legislate social issues. More on that some other day (or maybe not).

In general, 2012 has pretty much sucked for me so far. I am okay but I hope to heck it gets better…

Oh yeah! To end on an upbeat note, the photooo is an oil well or whatever that we encountered on our backroads trip from Houghton Lake to Gaylord through the military artillery range near Grayling last weekend. So romantic that my husband takes me to backwoods oil wells 🙂

Love y’all,

4 Responses to “Spectrum”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Oill’s well, that ends well.

  2. Sam Says:

    @ l4827 Sheesh.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Yeah, 2012 hasn’t been great so far, but hasn’t been as awful as 2010/2011 yet. It will have to go a ways to get to that “suckitude.” Hope things improve for you!!

  4. l4827 Says:

    @ Sam 🙂