I dunno what to write about today. Me and my Sam were emailing about terlets and things. Cleaning them, that is. Actually, it was me who was talking about cleaning them. I cannot stand dirty terlets in any way shape or form. I think that about the dirtiest terlet I have ever encountered was in the Blue Earth Trading Company up in Sault Ste. Siberia back when I was a very young 20-something. You can guess about what kind of business it was. Anyway, I was in there with the gang after hours and we were drinking beer and I HAD TO GO! Yikes! Even the guys who ran the place were embarrassed about the state of affairs in that loo but they were impressed that I somehow managed. I think growing up using an outhouse in the summer may have had something to do with that even though our outhouses were much cleaner than that “restroom”. Unless you had the nerve to shine your flashlight down the hole. Anyway, I hate cleaning terlets too and I am always wigged out about using reusable terlet-cleaning products to clean them. Sponges and things. I mean, how clean is that sponge after you’ve used it to clean the dern terlet? So one of the non-environmentally friendly products that I’ve embraced is bathroom wipes. I’m sorry but once I’ve swabbed the Blue and Only Toilet clean (and I do that literally every day), all I want to do with the implement of terlet cleanliness is throw it away. Can I just say blech?

And so it is January 6th here on the Planet Ann Arbor and it is freaking 50 degrees. I don’t “believe” in global warming exactly. That doesn’t mean that I think we should just throw pollutants into the atmosphere with wild abandon. I just don’t think we (aka the human race) have been keeping accurate weather records for a long enough time to determine if we are 1) experiencing a true instance of global warming and/or climate change and 2) the extent that human-generated pollutants, as egregious as they may be, are actually a significant factor. I am all for conservation but I’m just sayin’. We’ve had warm winters like this before…

Oh man, I wanna talk about Rick Santorum on here but I think I might just splutter. I’ll just say that I think Santorum is a total wingnut and you can google him if you haven’t heard some of the news stories making the rounds but you probably have. And yes I know he has been google-bombed. I am not even talking about that. Just. Why in the heck do we have such goofballs for presidential candidates?

Finally, I was (very very very very very)100 anti-social today and couldn’t wrap my brain around going anywhere near downtown tonight so we stayed in for dinner. I actually like my own cooking better than most restaurants anyway. It’s not all that fancy but I buy mostly fresh ingredients and use very little oil and stuff yada yada. Eventually we got restless (or the GG did anyway) and so we walked over for a Knight Cap at, you know, Knight’s Inn. Get it? Har har. Crowded? Wow. We were in about the third row behind the bar. Reminded me of the old Forsythe/MYA science fair days. Thankfully, Zack’s dad (who is tall and knows the bartender) was in about the second row behind the bar and offered to order for us. Zack is an uber-cute five-year-old whose young-looking 40-year-old parents were feeding him his fave clam chowder with oyster crackers as they waited for a table. Fun times.

G’night. –KW

3 Responses to “Evaporeeha”

  1. Margaret Says:

    HOW do such strange people get into positions of power in this country and get supporters for Presidential runs? That’s what scares me. There are TOO many people who think the wingnuts are making sense. Ack.

  2. Sam Says:

    Cleanest toilets I’ve seen (not that I’m well-traveled, so we’re talking a pretty small sample here, globally) were last May in southern Italy/Sicily. Every place we were the toilets/stalls were immaculate. With a toilet brush provided so you could…well, you know.

  3. jay Says:

    Seeing the Bubs Harry conjunction I just had to figure out what that combination would mean to someone not familiar with the family.
    So I googled it.
    Top response = Oil Can Harry at the Bubs Irish Pub in Germantown, WI (near Menomonee Falls)
    Second = apparently there is a Harry Bubs on facebook.