In which I am in desperate need of a haircut! Help!

As you can see, the GG had a wonderful time, uh, “hiking” with his buddies in the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore chapter of the North Country Trail Association. I’m not sure who was pulling him in this big sled thingy. I hope it wasn’t Teresa although she is a pretty damn strong young woman! It was *minus* 17 degrees Fahrenheit when these folks started their hike over by Soldier Lake. The GG has a whole bunch of gorgeous photoooos of his trip today but I’m posting this one. I wish I could’ve been there too…

My day? It totally sucked, thank you very much. You do not want to know the details. Do not ask. I wish I could blame it on bad biorhythms like that one day when Lizard Breath was a baby and we were in Flor-i-duh and I just could not get happy and finally we were at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens looking at the erderators and all that stuff and there was this biorhythm machine. We put a quarter into it along with my birthdate and that little machine spit out a little chart and guess what? My physical and emotional stamina and I fergit what else (there were three things) were all at a low ebb that day. Do I believe in that stuff? I’d like to think that I don’t. But.

I am a high-strung person and I was pretty young then. I am a baggy old bag now. I am still high-strung and I have my moments of sheer, utter panic. Like yesterday when we were standing in the hall at the hoosegow and my phone started jangling and it was zipped up in my pocket and I had to fumble to get to it and then when I answered it, I guess I was loud (it was because we had a terrible connection) and the GG was shushing me and telling me I shouldn’t be yelling in the hall of the hoosegow and he was right AND I *KNEW* THAT but, fer kee-reist! For the umpteen gazillionth time, I do not do well with telephone calls. Sometimes they are necessary and this one certainly was but hearing my phone ring (or chirp or quack or whatever) always puts me into a minor panic.

“Miles, you are off on a tangent.” That was my 10th grade chemistry teacher talking to my lab partner. But boy, that last paragraph got off onto a tangent. What I was trying to say was that today was an extremely sucky day for me despite the beautiful weather. Although I felt like wigging out about a brazillion times today, I (mostly) forced myself to put one. foot. in. front. of. the. other. and tried to carry on. I think the high point of the day was when Uber Kayak Woman called me (all that phone-whining aside) and maybe second was when I stood down by the locks in minus 4 degree Fahrenheit weather watching what the heck was that freighter’s name? slowly glide out of the locks into the lower St. Mary’s River.

Yes, I need a haircut!!! Mouse? Or maybe I’ll be able to get the Goddess Vonda to do it since I am up here…

Babblety-babblety-sheesh! Does any of this stuff make any sense?

Try our coconut oil for hair loss.

4 Responses to “In which I am in desperate need of a haircut! Help!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m totally with you on the phone calls. I talk so little on the phone that when it rings, I’m sure it must be an emergency. I get panicky. I am also a LOUD TALKER. Just like my mom, but not quite in her league yet. Hope tomorrow is better and you don’t feel so unkempt and discombobulated.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Go see Vonda. A manicure and pedicure might be good for you too,( although I don’t always like others playing with my feet and I don’t have fingernails.) Maybe it is something to help relax you and steer your thoughts in another direction. Love you.

  3. becky courtois Says:

    lots of virtual hugs – sometimes life just sucks

  4. Pooh Says:

    Hugs and more hugs. Maybe go out to Gloria’s and look at all the pretty fabrics and fluffy yarns. I’d be knitting a garter stitch scarf with big yarn and big needles and no thinking to deal with the stress, but I’m not you. Getting your haircut by Vonda does sound like a good idea.