HB to the January 15th folks

It is the mean old grunchie old grinchie’s birthday. And Paulette’s. I was somewhat numb this morning and so after we visited The Commander this morning, we took a slow ride out to the cabin…

And then we went to the Dancing Crane Coffeehouse…

And Clyde’s, although it is closed at this time of year.

The Commander is marginally better and I loved the hubbub of having two of my fav-o-rite cuzzints here at the Squatter’s Paradise tonight. npJane and The Grinch.

6 Responses to “HB to the January 15th folks”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks VERY snowy there. Even more so than here. Glad the Comm is feeling better. 🙂

  2. jay Says:

    Say hi to all, my sisters and my cousins and my aunts. (And friends too)

  3. Pooh Says:

    And we are her sisters and her cousins and her aunts, whom she reckons up by dozens…

  4. l4827 Says:

    Really nice area Tour-de-Force with those really great pic’s! A 4 photo snapshot da UP experience. A Jan. 15 HB to all ….. Haven’t seen Clyde’s boarded up in a long while. Glad to hear the Comm continues on the path of feeling better.

  5. Jan Miller Says:

    I’m glad that Fran is doing a little better!! Happy Birthday to you today!! Jan 16th
    Love, Jan

  6. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Happy Birthday to you Monday, Anne! Glad your mom is feeling a little better. That is a nice gift for you.