Colace for whine

Okay, so this morning it was LIGHTNING that woke me up here in the yooperland. In January. The driving was not bad here in the city of Sault Ste. Siberia but I guess it was horrendous if you had to drive down the Piche Side Road. At least that’s what the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie says. “[rumble rumble rumble] I almost went off the road about three times and I wasn’t even trying to.” Of course, I was once with the Grinch back in the day when we did go off the road. That was Baker Side Road and the Grinch said, “I just got tired of keeping it on the road.”

So it was 40 degrees around here today, which means it was a really good idea to snowshoe yesterday and not today. I took a sloshy walk down around the locks area during which I realized that we were probably getting low on cab back at the Squatter’s Paradise. So I sneaked into the Co-op and snagged a bottle. Aaaannndd then… When we finally got back up to the Squatter’s Paradise, I stuck the corkscrew into the bottle aaannnddd… The corkscrew BROKE OFF in the cork. EMERGENCY!!! We called the GG, who was waiting for a take-out pizza from Angio’s and begged him to go to the Supervalu on the way home. TWO bottles of cab ([yellow tail] will do) and ONE corkscrew. And then we tasked him to open the bottle with the embedded corkscrew. Which of course took him about 10 seconds by using the new corkscrew. Colace for whine…

I am getting all kinds of sh*t about all this whine fumbling but I don’t really care. People keep asking me if I *need* anything. And I never can think of anything. Because, in the end, I am pretty self-sufficient. I have automotive vee-hickles and a husband and some wonderful cuzzints and [enough] money. And I am okay with what comes next. What help do I need? I am not sure that I would really feel comfortable calling up hospice and asking them to come and get the broken corkscrew outta my whine bottle. But I can call the GG. I am doing okay. Except when I start feeling wigged out. For the most part, I can deal with that.

Oh boy, I am distracted tonight. The GG has his big ugly iMac up here and he’s going through about a gazillion photooos. Hope some of this made sense.

3 Responses to “Colace for whine”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are hanging on and finding solace and help where you can–good for you!! I’ve been there a lot these past few years. Not easy, but we soldier on, tough women warriors that we are/have to be.

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I’m glad that GG is there with you. Pictures. Now that is a good job for him. Love you both and still saying prayers.

  3. jane Says:

    I like to think that I could have solved the whine cork issue. I’m not sure that I could, but like to THINK it just the same. And I’m available to come back for any reason…. like opening a beer bottle – lots of experience with that!! 😉