“Do you have a job?”

It was The Commander and it was directed at me. Her eyes had been closed and while I didn’t exactly think she was asleep, I thought she might be off journeying somewhere. Nope. Eyes wide open looking intently in my direction.

Okay then. Yes. I have a job. I have been taking family leave (unpaid) to hang out up here in the Land of the Ice and Snow. And feeling guilty for not checking in to my job and boss and wonderful team of co-workers more often. I am now into my fifth year of working for the Long Suffering Cat Herding Person and sometimes I still find myself pinching myself at my good luck. Because where I work, when someone is in a situation like I am currently in, they are supported by their co-workers, supervisors, and the company. I am lucky. My main problem is that I have a work ethic that slaps me upside the head. *I* feel guilty when I am not in my loverly dog-poopy cube. I even feel a little guilty when I am *telecommuting* from somewhere, even though I *am* working.

Today? The Comm was right so after lunch when I packed up to hoof it down to FV for the afternoon shift (.91 miles, btw), I stuffed *two* computers and their respective power cords into my backpack. Windows work laptop and MacBook Pro. Aaaannnndddd. I worked this afternoon. In fact, Cube Nayber (who has been in a similar situation before) came up with a “brainless” task for me to do. It took me the afternoon and it *was* brainless but it was also *exactly* what I needed. I love Cube Nayber.

Will I work tomorrow? I dunno. It depends on what happens tomorrow. I am still on family leave for the duration. But I can clock hours if I work them. So I will maybe earn a bit of income. It’s okay though. The wooluf is really not anywhere near the door for us. But I do love earning my own money. Yes I do! Having my own money allows this baggy old kayak woman to purchase a few little luxuries here and there, like bulk shipments of YakTrax and whatnot.

Love y’all
Kayak Woman

4 Responses to ““Do you have a job?””

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like something my parents would say. When they have had issues, they NEVER want me to take off work. And I have a generous sick leave policy, plus over 180 days of leave accumulated. However, I enjoy being at my job and feel guilty when I’m not! Work can be a great healer and distraction.

  2. becky courtois Says:

    Sometimes we are pulled in so many directions, it is easy to feel guilt for being here and not there. Sounds like you have a wonderful supportive group at work – enjoy it and I know you will pay it forward when the opportunity arises. Hugs, Hugs, and more hugs.

  3. jay Says:

    Let’s here it for good jobs and better bosses! (And understanding co-workers.)

  4. gene Says:


    Don’t you know the difference between hear-what we do with our ears and here-where we are?