Ask and ye shall receive?

First of all, thank you guys for actually *sending* me some of your good news. I loved all of it. It has sure been one of “those” weeks. Or two weeks. Or whatever. You know the kind. When all hell breaks loose at once. Anyway, not a half hour after I wrote that whiny eop post, my phone went jingly-jingly with a ringtone that I didn’t recognize. In a fit of millennialism (the generation, that is, the one that I don’t belong to), I assigned ring-tones to various people. The GG is a sci-fi type sound, Lizard Breath is a duck, and Mouse is a cricket, and I can’t remember what The Commander is, probably God Save The Queen or something. And I apparently assigned one to Uber Kayak Woman but I don’t remember doing it, so I didn’t recognize the ring-tone. But when I grabbed for my phone, there was UKW, big as life! We’ll be seeing each other this weekend and hearing her voice was just what I needed.

The occasion marks UKW’s graduation from nursing school at the ripe old age of, well, she’s the same age as me, so you guys should know if you’ve been reading for a while. She has spent the last 15 months in an accelerated RN program for people with other undergrad degrees. She attended the Univerity of Southern Maine, in Portland, Maine, and is now heading back across the country to her home on Lopez Island, Washington. With a stop in the Yoop to visit her moom and Green Guy. I once told some friends who are about our age that she was embarking on a nursing career and they were horrified that someone our age would undertake such a back-breaking career. I was at a loss for words to describe UKW and all of her kayaking and hiking and avalanche-skiing adventures. A fearless Amazon woman who dreams of plans to take her newly acquired medical skills and knowledge to Africa.

I greatly admire her courage in all of her endeavors. Girls, 50 is the new 30. It’s a great time to pursue your dreams. Don’t be afraid. Make it happen!

Congratulations Uber Kayak Woman, seeya soon! Wish I were driving with you.

Life is marginally better today. A new regurgimatator is on the way and I’m headed north tomorrow. And speaking of The Commander, I guess I better make a call up there.

2 Responses to “Ask and ye shall receive?”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    YAY!!!! Congrats to the new New Grad UKW!!! That is WONDERFUL and REFRESHING news!!!

    Congrats to KW re the new regurgimatator, too!!!!

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    … is the new regurgitator another GE, or something else?

    the world [ok, this little pixel in the world 😉 ] wants to know !!