Yes, Green Guy is AWOL from his home up there on the shores of the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee. I am not sure his owner knows that yet. He and Froog were hanging out for weeks up there at the Squatter’s Paradise and when I finally left there last Sunday, I just could not take Froog and leave Green Guy there alone. And I also could not leave them both there alone because who the heck knows what they would do to the place after drinking themselves half blind on laundry detergent with listerine chasers.

“Please, please, please can I can I can I can I?” Froog has been wanting to go to work with me since forever. Yaknow, I just wasn’t sure what people would think… I dunno why, since there is a guy who hauls in a 6-foot pink rabbit every Easter. But still. Today, Froog stuffed himself and Green Guy into a Plum Market bag and stowed away into the Ninja. And there they are. They didn’t cause any trouble today but Froog is a well known trouble maker and I think he will stay there just about long enough for Sparty and Wolvie’s owner to return to work (because I think he will appreciate them) and then I will take them home. I know that Froog can be a trouble-maker and if he stays around my work for too long, he might start trying to wreak havoc and *that* might cause the Long-suffering Cat-herding Person to get his battle-axe out. And we don’t want that. I don’t think that Green Guy wants to get battle-axed either.

I am done for now. I am now wondering if Titanium Woman might outlive all of us. That is all.

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