Miscellaneous specifications. And wolves.

Okay, I guess I do not have enough steam for any diatribes tonight. As it stands, my twitter feed has been occupied with our wondrous governor, who’s doing some online Q&A after his budget presentation today. I cannot process all of it. Again, I understand what he is trying to do but I am not crazy about all of his methods, especially about his draconian cuts to public education. The short story about that is that he has very slightly increased the K12 public school budget. Unfortunately that increase will be offset by increased retirement costs and some unfunded mandates to our school districts. Initial analyses by school board members in our district translate this into more cuts. I have no further words about that tonight.

After a few days of easing slowly back into being a systems analyst, today pretty much hit with full force. And that was A-OK with me. My cube visitors (Sparty and Wolvy) were collected by their owner today and I had a loverly little discussion with him about sewing machines. Yes, he makes some of his own clothes. And then in the middle of the afternoon when all of us long-in-the-tooth folks who occupy the design team get a little sleepy (and loopy), a discussion about on-line dating got me out of my seat. Strangely enough, only one person involved in the discussion is actively dating anyone. The rest of us are long-married old bags. I always like to spice conversations like that up so I said that if anything happened (god forbid) to the GG, I would take the “money” and run. I would not be looking for a boyfriend. Things degenerated from that topic to bad boyfriends (mine) and then werewolves and vampires out by the outhouse (again mine).

The afternoon was not over yet and most of us were scheduled to attend a late afternoon meeting over in Outer Banks. Where we had to actually focus on user design and development and, you know, work issues.

The photo? Woo-hoo! Wolf track taken at the Moominbeach today (and texted to me) by our Northern Correspondent Paulette! The wolves are in the Great Lake State in full force.

3 Responses to “Miscellaneous specifications. And wolves.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wolves are beautiful! I’m glad that you are getting back into the routine, as tiring as it is!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Did you know that John and I met from “online dating?” Honest! We were in our early-to-mid 40s, weren’t excited about the prospect of spending the rest of our days single, weren’t interested in the bar scene (it’s for young’uns) and so gave it a try. Before I met him, I dated a few guys I met from the site, and a few of them were pretty nice (just not “right”), and a few were dweebs. Don’t think I’d be interested these days if (god forbid) something happened to John, though.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Wolves ar beautiful but they wold make me nervous too.