Revisiting the Book of Revelations while eating animal crackers…

Yes, this was during an information technology industry design team meeting. Do not ask. You do not want to know. Trust me on that. Yesterday it was werewolves…

This is the first 5-day week I have worked since before xmas. Really. At four o’clock this afternoon it was uber-gloomy outside and I was sleepy and I didn’t think I was gonna make it. Then the LSCHP bailed and soon after that the uber-boss came around and asked us what the heck we were doing haaannnggging around on a Friday afternoon when our boss was gone. In other words, get outta here unless you are doing something pressing. Go enjoy the crappy, bone-chillingly cold, snow-spitting, gloomy weather we’re gonna have tonight.

I didn’t leave right away. It doesn’t *exactly* matter how many hours I work each week although I have a work ethic that klonks me over the head regularly. Anyway. I finished up a couple of sniggly little bits. And then I un-decorated my loverly dog-poopy cube. Except for the garlands, which are hung from the ceiling tiles and we need someone as tall as FZ to get those down. I tried to return the blue stuffed smiley-faced flower to the person I thought it was on long-term loan to but she recoiled in horror! “I already have one of those!” W1.5 wanted nothing to do with it either. Cube Nayber finally admitted it was hers and she graciously took it back. We have some of the most interesting perks on earth where I work.

We are getting a wee bit of snow now here on the Planet Ann Arbor. We have not had much of that stuff this year. I have not YET had to shovel any snow. npJane did a bit of shoveling for us waaaayyy back in January, before she got stuck hanging around with us up in the yooperland version of Groundhog Day. She is out in Callyforny for the moment but last night she was hanging out with me. Thanks, Jane for the shoveling you did way back then. I may be doing that tomorrow morning. And thanks for hanging out with me at the Squatter’s Paradise during a difficult period. It was so much fun to have cuzzints there and I love all of mine.

3 Responses to “Revisiting the Book of Revelations while eating animal crackers…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow? In February? It better not be hitting on the East Coast too. I’m so not up for a trip that includes THAT. I have that same work ethic, which is why I was still at work after 4. (when most teachers had left an hour before) Quizzes to grade, you know!

  2. Pooh Says:

    There is snow on the ground here in the Lou, too. It might actually stick around, as I think the highs are only supposed to be in the 20’s this weekend.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Or not. Marky (Marquis?) and I walked around the botanical gardens in the afternoon, and the only snow left was in the shade. It was still quite cold. I guess the ground was still too warm for the snow.