Crazy Ol’ Bag (grok grok)

Grok grok grok! I think demencha is settin’ inta th’ ol’ bag’s brain. grok grok. Do ya know how many times she’s wore ‘er clothes inside out lately? grok grook frok. THREE!!! Yeah, tha’s right, I said THREE. Right out ‘n public. grok grok. Lemme see:

  1. Inside out shirt at th’ Lockview Laundry-mat. Although that was prob’ly not as bad as th’ time she got th’ washcloth stuck ‘n th’ door o’ th’ triple-loader ‘n’ had t’ go roust th’ laundry-mat guy ‘n’ HE had t’ take th’ dern thing apart ‘n’ fiddle aroun’ with it t’ fix it. I dunno, maybe they won’t let th’ ol’ bag go back inta that laundry-mat any more. Hee hee. grok grok.
  2. Inside out bathin’ suit kayakin’ down there ‘n th’ Urine River. grok grok. I can’t even believe th’ ol’ bag has th’ guts t’ be seen’n public ‘n a bathin’ suit. grok grok. ‘specially one with see-thru stuff on it. grok grok. What is th’ world comin’ to when they let somebody like her out like that.
  3. Inside out shorts at th’ Westgate Kroger. ‘n y’know what she did? grok grok. She got inta ‘er vee-hickle ‘n’ CHANGED ’em t’ be right side out! grok grok. Right there in th’ parkin’ lot! Canya believe that? She said she hadta hava pocket t’ put ‘er stoopid ol’ phone in.

Grok Grok! It’s gittin’ ta be pretty dern awful livin’ aroun’ here with such a crazy ol’ witch. grook. I s’pose th’ next thing she’ll do is start fergittin’ t’ WEAR clothes when she goes out. grok grok. Whaddami gonna do? She’s really crampin’ my style! grok grfok frook. What is a poor, self-respectin’ amphibious bein’ s’pos’d t’ do? grok grok. I’m embarrassed t’ be seen with such a goofy ol’ bag. grok grok.

4 Responses to “Crazy Ol’ Bag (grok grok)”

  1. mouse Says:

    grok frok! frog, you just deal with it. and stop getting stuck in the refrigerator!!

  2. sam Says:

    Froggy, you just wait til the first time you stop by the ol’ pond & your friends tell you you’ve got the same problem!

  3. frooogy Says:

    grok grok. There’s a copy o’ “Froggy Gets Dressed” in th’ ol’ bag’s livin’ room. grok grok. maybe that’d help! grok grok grok.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Anyone who thinks that Frooggy has any kind of monopoly on grace and style should check out Mouse’s blahg for some recent photos of him. Crazy old bag indeed! Froggy gets dressed. Harumph!

    P.S. Hope the link works, I’ve never put one in a comment before. Mouse’s blahg is at just in case it doesn’t.