We haven’t heard much from the Lizard since Sunday, when she was on and off the phone with the GG a whole bunch of times discussing motel reservations in Estes Park so she and her friends could dry out all their camping gear. Mouse saw her on-line from somewhere in Salt Lake City Tuesday night but wasn’t able to catch a conversation with her. This morning, Mouse received an I/M from Nevada, in which the Lizard said she was fine but had no cell service. Here is the only copy of her planned itinerary that I have:


That’s okay, I can’t read it either, at least in not this down-sized photo. I can actually read the original photo, which is five and a third times the size of this one. Y’all do not want to wait for that one to load, not to mention that it would completely break the page layout. Anyway, the planned itinerary was:

  • Day 1: Detroit to Omaha (well really the Planet A2 to Omaha but in the grand scheme of things…)
  • Day 2-3: Omaha to Rocky Mountain National Park (that’s one day to drive to the park and two nights *in* the park)
  • Day 4: Rocky Mountain National Park to Salt Lake City
  • Day 5: Salt Lake City to Winnemucca, Nevada
  • Day 6: Winnemucca to San Francisco
  • Day 7: Day trip to the ocean

I’m not sure if all of these stops happened exactly as planned but it sounds like she’s on schedule and that would mean Winnemucca was last night. I drove to Salt Lake City one time with my cousin Suzie, who lives out there. No, she’s not a Mormon. Everything beyond Salt Lake just falls off the edge of the earth for me so I had never heard of Winnemucca before this trip. But here’s a link to an, uh, interesting Winnemucca site. Do *not* leave without hoooovering your cursor over the horizontal nav buttons at the top. Make sure the sound is on ;-). This site might be a web developer’s nightmare but Grandroobly might’ve actually liked it! He was “shooting” people almost right up until the bitter end. Nurses, other patients, me, you name it.

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