That was the idea, anyway. I was down here a couple of weekends in February and although I made some progress on my de-hoarding prodject, it was tempered by a very uncomfortable waiting factor, if you know what I mean. Now that the waiting is over, I was looking forward to this weekend, especially today. The GG was scheduled to hang out at the Quiet Water Symposium ALL DAY! It is an hour or so away and I was day-dreaming about all the mail triage and thank you notes I could potentially get done. Alone…

But then. My BFF Sam the Archaeologist is currently hanging out in the same vicinity as the Quiet Water Symposium, far away from her home in an undisclosed location down in Hotlanta. Undisclosed in large part because I am such a bad friend that I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO HER HOUSE!!! I decided that a full day over in the Lansing area was probably too much for me, at least on this day. So I did not head over there at 0-dark-30 with the GG. Instead, I nitzed around reading and watching weather reports and radar and chewing my fingernails trying to decide what to do. I wanted to visit my friend. I wanted to stay home and triage stuff. I would have to drive the Ninja over there. You know, my loverly little vee-hickle that does not have snow taaaarrrs. What if the spitty little snow showers got worse and turned into five inches of snow? Sometimes that happens. Actually it happens a lot.

But I needed to see my friend. I assessed the weather for about the umpteenth time. Still spitting snow, still dry pavement. Sammy texted iMessaged me: the sun just came out. Okay. I wrote a condolence-type email to friends on the east coast and then I got on the road. And of course, snow spat outta the clouds almost all day but the driving was fine. Well, except for about a five-mile stretch through Stockbridge on the way back but Ninja did just fine.

We had a great time talking and then we made a cameo appearance at the Quiet Water Symposium just to surprise the GG and all of the wonderful Hiawatha Shore-to-shore North Country Trail folks. Some year I think I will be a volunteer at this event or at least a hanger-on. But not this year.

I got back home in the late afternoon and I did manage quite a bit of triage but I won’t go into all that for now. And yes, both of us drove to the Lansing area in separate vee-hickles today. Was that wasteful? Yes. But we can (for now) afford the gasoline and today friends trumped environmental concerns. Er, and I do like to drive and I like to drive the dern Ninja…

Love y’all
Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Triage”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That was a good decision–I suspect you would have regretted it if you hadn’t gone. It is sometimes easier NOT to move!! It sounds like progress was made on all fronts. 😉

  2. Sam Says:

    Love ya back, KW; thanks for coming over and taking me out for some fresh air! Very VERY much!