Brown and gray…

Sunday morning urban hike down by the river — Barton Dam, where the GG likes to hang birdhouses. May I introduce you to the colors brown and gray? Oh yeah, there’s a little white there too. A little overnight dusting of snow. Looks a little green, you are thinking? It wasn’t. That effect is from the hipstamatic settings that happened to be on when I took the pic. Brown and gray. Trust me. We don’t have any other colors here right now.

That’s okay with me. Everything is always brown and gray at this time of year. Unless everything is white. That happens too. It’s only the beginning of March here. Old Man Winter is probably not finished with us yet. I love the browns and grays of late winter and early spring.

It’s funny how, given the fact that we have hardly *had* any kind of serious winter weather, I am still ready for it to end. I am sick of being cold, even though I can count on one hand the number of times the temperature dipped below about 20. Well, maybe two hands, given that I was in the yooperland for four weeks. But the yooperland has also had a mild winter. And I am sick of driving in snow and ice, even though I’ve probably had to do that maybe three times and those times were Ninja-able. Shoveling? Hmmm… I actually enjoy shoveling snow. (I know…) I think I shoveled snow exactly *once* this winter. An inch or two. Big bloody hairy deal. Oh yeah, NpJane shoveled for us once when we were in the yooperland (THANK YOU!). There is a plowing / shoveling service in place up at the Squatter’s Paradise and I must admit that given the circumstances that required me to squat there, I was glad not to have to think about snow removal.

The Celtic Sixth Sense… I have it, although my version of it is not terribly accurate or reliable and does not provide detailed premonitions, so I mostly ignore it. Summer 2011 was a really wonderful summer somehow, despite The Commander’s difficulties. The warm weather lasted well into the fall and I wanted it to last forever. I did not want winter to come. And it kind of didn’t. I think that my stupid whacked-out sixth sense was trying to tell me that The Commander would not make it through this sorta-non-winter. Actually I *did* think that when I first got the heebie-jeebies but I think I *willed* myself to believe it wasn’t true.

All of that said, I am okay. This was a pretty random Sunday and after we did the Birdhouse Walk, I flung here and there between hanging out on the internet and walking to the Plum and all that usual stuff. I did NOT fling The Commander’s journals from her life and trips over the last 30 years. I think she was afraid I would do that. No way, Moom. I am a blahgger, fer kee-reist.

Like I told The Commander over and over and over again these last sometimes horrific months, “I will miss you Moom, but I am OKAY.” And I am.

3 Responses to “Brown and gray…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Getting greener here–LOTS OF WEEDS. Now that the weather is warming up and getting nicer, I’m seeing lots of work to do outside. I’m glad you are okay. I would think that it feels strange to be without your mom after so many years and wonderful memories together. Pretty sure that’s how I would feel. But you(and she) also knew that it was time. 🙁

  2. Paulette Says:

    Brimley…10 inches. SSM ….7 inches. SNOW! Winter has arrived. I even managed to snowshoe this afternoon. It will be -16 below tonight, but we have power. Northern lower Michigan schools are closed tomorrow because of power outages for many. I had forgotten how easily drifts develop that are 4 – 5 feet. Brown and gray were not evident today, only blue and white…on a beautifully sunny day!

  3. jane Says:

    this morning is white. and I did notice that I have a few tulips and daffodils poking up thru the brown over the weekend. I hope the snow doesn’t kill them. of course, it will be 50 later this week…. such a weird winter!