Crap Shoot

Who are you for? What are you for? I am going to vote for Obama, I think. Republicans, don’t quit reading yet, please! I think Obama is a wonderful person and I loved his race speech last spring. The one about his white grandmother, et al. I think that we need to address that issue in this country in a way that doesn’t continue to oppress those who are not WASPs but still not induce guilt in whole generations of WASP-type people who had no hand in the oppression of people who are not WASPs. Like me. Didja get all that? But that is not why I am going to vote for him. And I’m not sure that he’s any better than any of the other candidates. I think that McCain is a good person too. I can’t imagine spending, what was it, five *years* in a prison camp. He knows some things that most of us cannot even imagine. Will they help him run the country? I dunno. And I admire Hillary more than I thought I might a few years ago. ‘course she’s not running. I’m not sure that *any* of these people have what it takes to run our country with all of its hugely complex issues. If there is a person on earth (or somewhere in the universe) that does have what it takes, they are certainly not running. I vote less *for* a person than *against* things that I don’t think should be on the political platform. Sorry. I have my litmus tests. *Those* do not belong on my blahg. And putchyer flame throwers away. I have my flame-proof clothing on.

If you *want* to, tell us who you are planning to vote for. And why. No proselytizing, please. And no flaming. Of me or anyone else. If you don’t wanna tell, I’m cool with that. Sit out there and watch the boats go by or whatever you do wherever you are. Love you anyway!

I don’t know the women in the picture, I stole it from the A2 Snooze, but I do so want that Macky-Nack Bridge hat-type thing. Where can I get one?

9 Responses to “Crap Shoot”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Obama for me. Why? I’m tired of what the republicans have been doing to us after Regan left the office. If it were Hillary in Barack’s place, I’d have a very difficult time voting *for* her BECAUSE of Bill (I just don’t want any more of his antics in the Oval Office, if you get my drift. I also think he would find it very difficult to step away and let *Hillary* do the job and cause a lot of angst politically. Hence, why I feel relief that Hillary didn’t get the #2 slot, either. However, it’s got to be hard knowing that part of the reason one doesn’t get the slot or the nomination is *because* of one’s spouse and/or his behavior…).

    McCain would’ve been my choice instead of the current Bush in either of the previous races; now, with his health, I have concerns. That and just a few things he’s said just seem to sit wrong for me…. That doesn’t change the respect I have for the man himself and his lifetime experiences.

    Sorry – got a bit long-winded. I, too, have a history of voting *against* a candidate instead of *for* one, which is a huge disappointment. For all the same reasons as you. *sigh*

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    OH SHOOT! The name is spelled *Reagan* !!! dangdangdangdangdangdang

  3. gradmothertucker Says:

    My mom, “Grandma Sally”, used to walk door to door in the years way back when, reminding women that they had a RIGHT TO VOTE. I remember her calling people up and telling them to. So, women, VOTE!!!

    I don’t know who I want to vote for. All 4 of my kids can vote now…. THAT”S scary. As I drive around the US, in my big truck, allll the other truck drivers argue all the time about politics. Some sound ok and make sense, the you get some real idiots saying the wrong thing. Some black people that can’t even speak clear English, from the south, say to vote for Obama, just “becauh’s he black”, and they want a “brother” in office. MANY white, redecked jerks across the middle states, say that as soon as he gets in office, the KKK will kill him in 3 days. Creepy. Some say they are voting for McCain because he “looks” like a president. Sheesh… Some just like to argue about politics, cause they run solo, and need somebody to argue with I guess. But, once in awhile, somebody pops up and makes some sense. I listen… but usually I just turn it off. These drivers can vote, an THAT”S scary.

    I would have voted for Hillary, not because she’s a woman, but, any woman who can hold her head up and stick it out after her husband pulls his garbage like that, has the guts to do anything she wants, and keep it in order. Good for her.

    I don’t get to see TV much, and I missed Obama’s speech. I haven’t heard anything intelligent out of McCain, except commercials slamming the opponent, and that’s where he loses me.

  4. isa Says:

    obama… i’m not sure someone who owns seven hours is truly in touch with the problematic economy (not placing blame here). someone needs to get that under control. i know i suffer from it, and if i do, others must more so than i.

  5. Tonya Says:

    Obama. He really caught my attention back in 2004 (I think it was) when he gave his keynote address at the democratic convention. His intelligence and eloquence honestly made a huge impression on me, and I’ve kept my ear out for him ever since then. When he announced his candidacy, I thought, “Oh my, I could get really excited about this!” Truth be known, I spent some time on the fence between him and Hillary — they both resonate with me as far as their positions and opinions and points of view, and either of them would and could make a great president, although I admit that Hillary’s stridency annoys me! (However, it’s still not nearly as annoying as McCain’s monotone/denture whistling!) Bottom line is that I strongly lean toward the democratic ticket mostly because of their social view points (pro-choice, pro-lower/middle class, pro-women, pro-worker, etc.) And I just cannot stomach the fundamentalist religious right and the right-wing talk radio hosts that claim ownership of the republican platform. I just don’t buy into that. Also? I absolutely LOVE the down-to-earth realness of Michelle Obama!! (Cindy McCain? Gag me!)

  6. Jan Says:

    I will vote for McCain, I don’t feel Obama has the experience needed. I also feel each of us should help those less fortunate and not expect the government to do that. I worked at a neighborhood center after Martin Luther King was assasinated( now you know my age and my kids were very young) to let the black community know how much I cared about them and their sorrow. We took in foster children, black and white, I worked at an Open Door Health Center for uninsured and did Parish Nursing. Pete was a volunteer fireman and 1st responder for all of those years. We also did all of the other things parents do with their kids. There were times I wasn’t working full time, but most of the time I was. As you know, I don,t usually respond. Thanks for letting me.

  7. Dog Mom Says:

    Jan – “Open Forum” on this one, per KW (same with my sporadic blog!!!)! Opinions are welcomed by all of us, as well as respected… I’m sure KW would hit “delete” on any comment she felt disrespected any contributor or an opinion of a contributor (aka “flaming” or just plain hurtful). I find it educational to hear what others have to say, and if there’s sufficient foundation, my choices could well be influenced. We all love and respect you!!!!

  8. Maquis Says:

    I’m for Obama, of course! I think that he has an excellent chance this cycle. The current administration is none too popular and Barrack has more money then McCain. The last point is the most remarkable. In MO McCain has 20 fulltime paid staffers and Barrack has 200. Usually it is the other party that has the monetary edge, but not this year.

  9. isa Says:

    i should probably say that my political choice is likely influenced more heavily by the social issues than the economic ones… i’m with tonya on the pros that obama has going for him. and i also agree with jan that it’s everyone’s responsibility to help others less fortunate than them. i like to think i am doing that in my work, however indirectly.