If the buzzing doesn’t stop, I’m sending it back. I mean that.

Quick update: to yesterday’s comments. Yes, absolutely *all* comments are welcome from people I know and I approve every legitimate comment from those I don’t know. I moderate the first comment from *anyone* so that I can keep spammers out. Sometimes if you are commenting from a slightly different ID or whatever, WordPress will trap you into being moderated, even if it’s not your first comment. But I am never very far from the Internet and I will approve you as soon as I see your comment.

Okay. The fridge. It’s just like the old one. The only thing that’s different is that there’s not a whole bunch of crap affixed to the front of it. Yet. Ho hum. The truth is I don’t really care. If it keeps things cold, it’s fine. More than a few people that I interact with seem a bit flabbergasted by that. Most women at least care about the color! Well, yes, actually, I specified white. I do not need a lavender refrigerator and fortunately, the GG did not bring a lavender refrigerator home. Whew! That was a close one.

The truth is that I am a bit jaded about buying appliances. When you are a young kid with a baby on the way and you buy a nice but sorta rattle-trap house, you don’t have any money left over for appliances. Or you don’t think you do. So you clean out the ancient refrigerator that’s already in the house. The one that the previous owners didn’t want to take with them. And you make it last for, lemme see, 13 years, until an ice storm related power surge *finally* takes it out. Rrrrrr-click. Rrrrrr-click. I’ll never forget that noise. I liked the new refrigerator I got out of that adventure but, really, I didn’t have any *choice* because there were only one or two refrigerators that would *fit* in the refrigerator spot in my ugly, cluttered, knife-filled kitchen. I’ve blahgged before about the whole washing machine buying thing where the GG went over to Big George and took apart every washer on the floor to make sure that we didn’t buy one with the controller that the old lemon had. Fun? You try spending an hour in an appliance warehouse. And then we ran into Faz on the way home and that was a whole ‘nother bunch of business about the Haisley School ice cream social pizza sale. (May Faz rest in peace.)

People. I know that women often obsess about their appliances. Me? Every single blasted time I have *ever* had to buy a major appliance, 1) I was totally overwhelmed by the choices, and 2) when I found something that I thought was really cool, it was either a) too expensive, or b) didn’t fit into the space, or c) you name it. I couldn’t get it. Blah. Seriously, I have gotten to the point where I couldn’t care less. I have used all manner of refrigerators throughout my life. They’re all pretty much the same when you get right down to it. So. My litmus test? Does it keep things cold? Go for it.

Automotive vee-hickles? Different thing. Heck, I am a road warrior. You betcha, I have opinions! And they are not [usually] based on colors and things. No pink or lavender, though, please. And maybe a bit less of that “banker green” color. The main thing is that my vee-hickles have to be reliable on the road. Auto manufacturers, take note.

3 Responses to “If the buzzing doesn’t stop, I’m sending it back. I mean that.”

  1. Pooh Says:

    We are going shopping this weekend for a new refrigerator too. So what kind did you buy?


  2. kayak woman Says:

    GE. Again. It was the only side-by-side that fit. I guess I *like* side-by-sides. Have fun!!! And don’t kill each other. 😈

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    I am quite happy with my relatively inexpensive “scratch & dent” special, even if I am somewhat regretting having made the choice to go with stainless (now that I’m in the metals sales business, my best guess is that it’s a 304-2B finish?). Regrets more due to the fact that the Boyz like using the door for “target practice” while I’m at work…. requiring not just *cleaning* but also *polishing*. 😡