Is it a bad idea to overeat and not exorcise?

Y’know, I think I need a new Etch-a-Sketch. I’ll take the kind that, when I turn it upside down and shake it, I can say some magic words and change something from my past. Maybe I can make Bad Boyfriend disappear from my history?

Seriously, I am pretty disgusted with this whole Republican political campaign season (you know that) but how stoopid can it get? I am a somewhat complicated polly-tickal aminal and pro-choice feminist is only a part of that mishmash — although I will admit that women’s rights are my own personal deal-breaker. I am also a fiscal conservative. I don’t like big government either. I just think that shrinking it needs to be approached carefully and with a lot of thought to what the unintended consequences might be. As a systems analyst doing design work on a huge web application, I am always thinking about stuff like that, i.e., if I make this change on this page, how does that affect this page and that page and this other page waaaayyyy over in an obscure little corner of the application.

I’m digressing a bit. There are things I don’t understand. Mitt has always been a “moderate” Republican (in my memory anyway). It seems obvious (to me anyway (but I’m just a raggedy old kayak woman)) that he is bending over backwards to pander to a bunch of extreme conservatives. Those extreme conservatives have a right to their opinions and [choke] a right to run for office to try to change our country’s laws to conform to their world view. If I were one of those conservatives and Mr. Etch-a-Sketch courted me throughout his campaign by promising me an extreme conservative paradise and then erased all of those promises once he was nominated, I’d feel like I had been sold down the river. I don’t recollect. I don’t recollect. I don’t recollect.

Bad day? Not really, although I couldda used a couple more miles of walking than I got in (3 miles). I have had to wear real shoes to work for the last couple of days because we hosted a user group seminar at our facility. The only place I ever encountered any of these people was in the bathroom and they were definitely not looking at my feet but I understand. I usually wear Chaco hiking sandals to work. I also wear biz-caz outfits, even on jeans days. I probably get some points for that but it’s a pretty dern casual place anyway. You can’t wear bunny slippers though and yes some people have tried. Anyway, I keep “real” shoes in my cube for when I need them. Today, I almost forgot to change into them and remembered just when FZ was in my cube and my boss (and a waaayyyy above me uber-boss from outta town) came by my cube. Everybody was in hysterics watching me scramble to change into my beeyootyful biz-caz flats.

Alas, as I was packing up to leave today, I *fergot* to change *back* into my Chacos. I did not realize that until I was getting off the I94 18-wheel Clogway at Jackson Rd. This was a tragedy. Without my sandals I can’t do my 0-skunk-30 walk. There was no way I was going back to work at that point. But wait! I ordered a new pair of Chacos a few days ago and they were shipped oh, I dunno, yesterday? Would I arrive home to a package on the porch? As I drove up to the Landfill, I couldn’t tell if I was seeing a package or not. But. Yes! My new Chacos arrived today!

One Response to “Is it a bad idea to overeat and not exorcise?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your politics sound very reasonable to me; you lean Libertarian, but not like so many of the crazy ones who want to completely gut the government…but oh, by the way, where is my medicare or SS check?