Last year we had the Dexter Bare Bear, now it’s the North Campus Cougar

Long hard day toiling in the trenches? A little comic relief in order? Here’s the latest Great Lake State Cougar sighting, right here on the Planet Ann Arbor. The UMich north campus to be specific. Honestly, if you have time to click over there, read the comments because they are pretty hilarious.

Cougar? I dunno. There always seem to be cougar sightings around this god-forsaken state. They never seem to get substantiated. And yet I personally know two very reputable, stable, down to earth people who have spotted what could only be cougars, so I have a big disconnect there. But North Campus??? Really? I dunno, did Ted Nugent let his aminals out again? Is it Ted Nugent that hunts and(/or) keeps exotic pets or is it Bob Seger or is it a combo of both or is it somebody I’m totally fergitting? (Or am I on crack?) I grew up in the yooperland so those guys didn’t play at my high school dances (but the Renaissance Fair did!) and I was kind of more into Jimi Hendrix and The Cream and I fergit what else in those days anyway and I think the Renaissance Fair was too…

Anyway. The Dexter bare bear had at least one twitter account and it didn’t take more than about five minutes for the North Campus Cougar to obtain a few twitter handles. I’m following @AnnArborCougar and he/she is following me back. Is @AnnArborCougar on the hunt for @Umsquirrel? Or is *she* looking for cute young 20-something males… (tee hee hee…)

And this photoooo is of a “cougar”. In this case, an octogenarian who was still able to climb steps up to get her pie plates down at age 89. After my dad died there were a few gentlemen around town who seemed to want to get together with The Commander. The Commander was not interested and she squelched them. (Or maybe they died before she did…)

Madonna? Take a note!

One Response to “Last year we had the Dexter Bare Bear, now it’s the North Campus Cougar”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We have animal sightings around here a lot(woods everywhere) so I usually take it pretty seriously. Unless it’s a Big Foot that is. 😉 Your mom=awesome.