In which Kayak Woman discovers (and

Note to self: buy some new sandals. So said the woman who calls herself Kayak Woman and *thinks* she is such a big ultra-outdoors-woman. She said it one week ago as she and various island-conquering comrades successfully managed to negotiate a steep and slippery downhill slope without losing their footing or balance. It took some doing and it was at the bottom that KW made the little mental note. After breathing a big sigh of relief.

I loved my Chacos but I knew the end was coming. I have owned them for a year and a half now. The straps were getting a little frayed around the edges and the soles were starting to wear through. But of course, I went back to megalopolis and life went on and I continued to walk umpteen gazillion miles a day in those Chacos and, um, wear them to work. And then we came up here to Houghton Lake and, wouldn’t you know it? I did not pack a second pair of footwear. Who needs it? I have my Chacos.

Today. After we had already made a Best Choice/Home Depot/WollMort/BP run around the lake. I was walking along the road and all of a sudden, it felt like my sandal was sort of flapping around broken and, guess what? It was! spectacularly so. Almost completely split in two. Like, what do I do? I managed to limp back to the cabin but then, for a few minutes, I couldn’t think through what to do next? Super glue? Duct tape? Nope. My beloved Chacos were just not gonna last for the rest of the weekend. So. Back over to WollMort (in a borrowed pair of The Beautiful Gay’s gorgeous non-hiking sandals). Did *not* want to go to WollMort again. A sea of SUVs and, oh, the humanity. As luck would have it, I spotted a Dunham’s! It’s right next to the Tractor Store. And there, I was able to score the most obnoxiously colored pair of Crocs on earth. They’re radioactive pink. The picture doesn’t really show the color very well. Other choices were UM or MSU colors. No thank you. I already have some Crocs (lavender) and I love them. I knew they would last the weekend and beyond. Can I hike, for sake of argument, Beaver Creek in them? I’m not sure. I did a 3-mile test drive this afternoon. Oh, and I got onto and a new pair of Chacos is heading my way sometime this week!

Oh yeah, and randomly, I surfed over to earlier today before this whole terribly exciting incident occurred. Can’t remember why.

6 Responses to “In which Kayak Woman discovers (and”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hyper-pink crocs! That’s a fashion statement! They’d go great with yesterday’s outfit!

  2. Maquis Says:

    So what was the carbon footprint of these new sandals?

  3. kayak woman Says:

    gooood quesssstyyyone, Marquis. I was definitely thinking about that and I was wishing I had Pneumotoast’s duct tape skills.

  4. mouse Says:

    don’t you mean test walk? grokgrok.

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    At least you got to *wear through* a pair of sandals. D’ya remember when I had my first pair of Tevas, then Puppy Ernie got hold of ’em and I was down to a half-pair of blue ones. I went to the Teva site and ordered a pair of Orange ones (same style)…. Puppy Ernie got hold of one of those! Fortunately, I had one viable Left of one color and one viable Right of the other. That worked for a summer or two….until Gadget came into our lives (albeit, briefly) and ate one of *that* “pair”. When I tried to replace with another pair of Tevas, I’d discovered Teva no longer made the style I liked and had replaced it with a more-plasticked-up version (stabilizers, I guess) with the color choice of black, black or black. That’s how I wound up with Chacos!!!

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