No gifts <wink>yet</wink> but not a bad birthday, I don’t think.

Just to be clear, it is not my birthday. That happened on a cold night in January. I went to Ang-gio’s Italian restaurant in Sault Ste. Siberia with my cuzzints, the mean old grunchie old Grinchie and npJane. I didn’t get any presents besides dinner but I didn’t care because I am in a deacquisitional phase of my life these days and I didn’t need anything. I had a good time except for the part where I had to head back down to the hoosegow afterwards. I think that was the first day that we didn’t have to “suit up” to avoid (c. diff) infection so that was a good thing.

Anyway, this birthday is the GG’s (and his loverly twin of terror, the UU). It was a low-key birthday for him but I think that was okay (and I have what I think is a cool gift on order for him). We walked over to our neighborhood pub / steakhouse and npJane met us there and she is always a good time. We paid the bill quite a long time before we left and were a bit surprised that it was 10 PM when we got home.

And on the way home, this photo is what we encountered, at the Dexter / Maple intersection. I do not know what happened. I hope no one was seriously injured. (Update: Yuck. The accident happened shortly after we got to Knight’s and a man died.) I don’t know what happened. These are streets with 30-35 mph speed limits. And Dexter is largely closed for construction for the next few months. Alas, this is the second traffic fatality in our city today, the first being a pedestrian who was hit by a semi truck on the I94 18-wheel Clogway earlier today. Witnesses say they didn’t think the truck driver could’ve avoided hitting him without endangering other vee-hickles…

Anyway, the GG marveled that facebook sent so many birthday fishes his way. He also received several phone calls during dinner and I received my own call from the Goddess Esther who was one of The Commander’s best friends in life and has been checking in with me for the last year.

I am about done for tonight but HB Twins of Terror!

One Response to “No gifts <wink>yet</wink> but not a bad birthday, I don’t think.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday to them, and it does sound like a nice birthday! I hate car accidents, especially ones with fatalities. Ugh is right.