Hey Mabel! Black Label! Carling’s Black Label beer.

Yes, we were out Oscar Tangoing tonight. Beer was not our drink of choice. I reserve beer for afternoons on the moominbeach or, if it’s too cold for the beach, the hollow in front of the Old Cabin. Anyway, you know you want to remember Mabel! Or you can go back a few years and then there is this from the 80s. Do they still sell Carling’s? Seems like I am always either buying paying for <wink> Bell’s Oberon or a six-pack of carefully selected microbrew beers with cute cow or wombat or fledermaus labels <grin>.

The Oscar Tango is an old barroooom and it has a one-terlet ladies powder room so if there is somebody in there when you have to go, you have to wait outside. Fortunately, the OT has thoughtfully hung a loverly vintage know-your-presidents (and some admirals and things) infographic outside the ladies powder room. So, if you find yourself waiting outside the OT ladies loo, you can attempt to re-learn all of the history you don’t remember from fourth grade. I could’ve spent a longer time re-learning the presidents tonight but the woman I was waiting for was in and outta there just about as fast as yer fav-o-rite blahgger usually is. I guess maybe she grew up with an outhouse too?

That accident last night? Apparently a man had a medical crisis of some sort, passed out and ran a red light (some witnesses estimate at 60 mph or thereabouts) before hitting the victim’s vee-hickle. Very scary. I keep thinking that we walked by that intersection maybe 20 minutes before it happened and npJane met us at Knight’s probably minutes before. Given the hosed state of traffic in the area, she very likely drove *through* that intersection. And then there’s Mouse, who was invited to meet us but had to work… There was still shattered glass all over the intersection when I went to work this morning. Just because you have a green light doesn’t always mean it is safe to go…

I am rambling incoherently but I can’t leave that as my last paragraph. We will be flinging this weekend. Or at least I will. We were all set to haul a whole bunch of old TVs and things over to Pi-Hi tomorrow when we figured out that the free electronics recycling event was *next* Saturday. Well, duh. That would make sense since the U of M’s graduation is tomorrow and traffic on that whole side of town will be hosed even worse than it already is.

Good night and happy flinging. It is hard. Do it anyway. And no, nobody wants your carefully curated hoard of old TV sets. Your vintage Sony Trinitron is not a collector’s item and neither is mine. Get rid of it.

4 Responses to “Hey Mabel! Black Label! Carling’s Black Label beer.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love beer! But then I’ve always been more about the salty than the sweet. So the guy with the medical issue wasn’t the victim? I imagine that that sets up all sorts of guilt and legal issues. Complicated. I won’t be flinging this weekend, but I will be relaxing, I hope.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Hmmm. Some in this house at least, say ‘oh, we have to wait until NEXT Saturday’. OTHER’S here, :-), say or have their own expression [Ebay, Craig’s list ==> Sale profit’s].

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Seeya at Pioneer next weekend, JP 😉

  4. l4827 Says: