Fried moe-skee-toe and a black-eyed pea

It’s Saturday and… The band is playin’… And we are here on The Planet and I wanted to fling today and I did. The problem is that I flung enough stuff last weekend that I couldn’t exactly think of where to start today… The GG has done some of his own flinging and thanks to him, the Frog Hopper was full of old computers and things that we had planned to drop off at Pioneer High for the annual Umich electronics recycling event. Alas, we were wrong about that date. It’s next week. But we *were* able to drop off the old World Book encyclopedia that my parents “invested” in back in the 1960s (who knew about the darn intertubes back then) and a bunch of plastic containers of varying sizes at the Kiwanis Club. Yay for those wonderful people. The old computers will stay in the Frog Hopper until next weekend and then we *will* drop them off.

About 10:00 AM or whenever, the GG grabbed a stool and started looking up in the area of the “liqwire” “cabinet”, which means on top of those gold-painted cabinets on the south wall of the Landfill Chitchen. And I remembered, oh yeah, just last weekend I was thinking about getting rid of all that liqwire that we don’t ever use. Like kirsch and cassis and schnapps and creme de cacao and even that one bottle of tequila that only has a couple of shots in it.

So, while the GG was sleeping or reading or whatever, I dumped a whole bunch of liqwire down the drain. Yes. It is stuff that most people would not want to sit around and drink. Some of those bottles were purchased because a recipe required a small amount and we used that and they’ve been hanging around here for ten or fifteen years.

Wasteful? Maybe. I am not leaving old liqwire for my kids to clean up.

If I ever again use a recipe that requires a small amount of some odd kind of liqwire, I will go out and try to buy the airplane size. Usually that’s about all that’s needed.

And so, these little bottles were collected by my dad over the years and when The Comm was forced to move to assisted living we helped her move them down there. I think her idea (and mine) was that she would have a teensy little snort while watching a movie before going to bed. It is sad that she was never again in good enough health to be able to partake. So these little bottles are now here at the Landfill.

3 Responses to “Fried moe-skee-toe and a black-eyed pea”

  1. Marquis Says:

    You could have handed them out to Ann Arbor’s homeless. It would have been ‘sort of’ a recycling project. After all, it is Saturday night.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I do love those little bottles. Anything in miniature is way cuter than the big size. 😉

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I LOVE little liquor bottles! I am always drawn to them in liquor stores. Great idea for recipes — I’m thinking brandy. (They make fun adult stocking stuffers, too). OH! Ever had any of those liquor-filled chocolates? Mmmm.