Large Suspension Bridges

Say what? I *thought* I just heard on the radio that there was some kind of a threat against the Mackinac Bridge over the weekend. Sheesh, before we left, in the midst of all the talk about the terrorists over in Britain, some people were also arrested somewhere in Michigan for buying a bunch of cell phones. At least that’s what I thought I heard. They were apparently lodged in the Tuscola County jail. I did hear that — over and over. But I really didn’t pay much attention to it. Until this morning, when I heard “Tuscola County jail” and something about blowing up the bridge, apparently in the same news story.

Fortunately, we were blissfully unaware of any threats against the bridge when we drove up here Saturday night :-/

2 Responses to “Large Suspension Bridges”

  1. acourtois Says:

    Eek! Sorry, you guys! I managed to delete the comments! (Don’t ask!)

    Valdemort promised (and delivered) this link to a news story:

    And Sam wrote to say that they had heard about the whole thing as far away as Joe-Jah but didn’t have much faith in its veracity.

    And I replied:

    Thanks for the link, V! Pretty surreal. A thousand cell phones from a Caro Walmart? These guys do not seem like the brightest lights on earth. I wouldn’t want to minimize any inconvenience the loss of the Big Mac would cause but, c’mon, this bridge connects the U.P. to lower Michigan!!! On most days, when you get up even past about Gaylord, there are hardly any cars on the road. We used to take a car ferry to get across that strait. I even remember being *on* it!

    Hey, maybe we could make a movie out of this. Something along the lines of “Canadian Bacon” comes to mind 😉

  2. Webmomster Says:

    actually, the ~1000 cell phones were collected on a rather peripatetic route from Texas (where one of the perps left his wife, and she is very staunchly defending her hubby: “…they’re just trying to make a buck, reselling them…”. Yeah, roight, with NO BATTERIES??? Kind of an odd way to “make a buck”, what with all the driving, all the stops, and all the pictures/videos of The Big Mac…

    We didn’t hear about the Mac Bridge part of the story till this AM, ourselves. Believe me, my jaw dropped 4 stories at that tidbit.