Knitting Blahgger?

Yes, I did change the picture

“Did you teach your daughter to knit?” I think I have been asked that about a million times over the years. I usually say something excruciatingly funny, like, “Knitting? I know how!” And I do, but I can’t remember who actually sat down with Mouse and taught her the first stitches. It might’ve been me but it was more likely The Commander, who is infinitely more patient about stuff like that.

I think it’s been about sixteen years since I have actually knit anything but I do enjoy hanging around in yarn stores (and bead stores and fabric stores). One day last week, I was going stir-crazy on The Planet Ann Arbor and, since Mouse is usually interested in a road trip, we headed down into Megalopolis on a little yarn store foray. We knew of stores in Plymouth, Royal Oak, downtown Dee-troit and Grosse Pointe.

We found the store in Plymouth and I purposely left my purse in my vee-hickle, thinking that I have enough unfinished fiber arts projects to last me the rest of my life already. I was not going to let myself be seduced by bright-colored yarns! No sir! Mouse made a modest purchase and we got back in our vee-hickle, critiquing the store and the clerk and whatever.

We didn’t have very good directions to any of the other stores, so I made the executive decision that we’d do Royal Oak and save the other two stores for another day when we were more prepared. If I was going to get lost somewhere, I’d much prefer Royal Oak, where I at least know some of the major streets and landmarks. Down in Dee-troit, I know how to get to the Henry Ford Hoosegow but that’s about it.

After some fiddling around, we found our destination in Royal Oak. Again, I left my purse locked in my vee-hickle. I was doing okay until I stumbled upon wire and bead knitting kits! I am pretty good at resisting yarn. Beads are my nemesis. The next thing I knew I was trucking along at a pretty good clip on a purse retrieval mission.

Folks, the above bracelet is the result of that kit. I made it this afternoon. I think it took me a little over an hour with only a bit of grokking from Mouse, who is now teaching *me* stitches. It isn’t quite finished yet. It needs a big clasp bead. I’ll find one.

Mouse is gonna get me started on a pair of socks next. What is this world coming to?

2 Responses to “Knitting Blahgger?”

  1. Pooh Says:


    I love the bracelet! It reminds me of beach glass, loon feathers and other flotsam and jetsam found on the beach.
    Could you do another photograph on a light background, please? It’s knd of hard to see some of the blue beads.

  2. acourtois Says:

    Actually, it was not easy to get a really good picture, at least not with my rather outdated digital cam. I actually *liked* the way the bracelet looked on my wrist but when we used close-up mode to get a picture, not only did the beads show up nicely, every wrinkle, pore, and hair on my skin showed up too. Not pretty. It looks spectacular against the blue cloth in real life but, again, didn’t photograph well. Hope this version that I took outside against a white plastic table works better 🙂