I’m feeling hectic but not frantic.

I said that once on the first day of school. I guess it was Mouse’s first day of kindergarten. I was talking about life. I was still working then. An intense 20-hour per week part-time computer job. Legacy-style computing, as they say these days. Today. It’s the first day of school here on the Planet Ann Arbor and, even though I do not have children in the public schools any more, I feel the same way. You know how it goes. You take a vacation and then you need a vacation from your vacation. Not that I just took a vacation. One hour of sanctioned time off on Friday of Labor Day weekend? It’s okay. I never got anything like that working for one o’ them thar government contractors. Still pinching self about year-old job and how well I get treated. Anyway, it was just a three-day weekend and it was a lovely one, spent with relatives on both sides. But, given the state of the Landfill, a long weekend at home might’ve been more apropos.

There is a mess in every room. I don’t care about the bedrooms. The doors can be closed. I do care about the basement but I can manage to ignore it, except that it’s always in the back of my mind. But there are little scraps and piles of things in every living area of the house and it’s getting old. Already, there’s a toxic waste spill in the *new* regurgimator. A bag of spinach leaves went bad and oozed all over everything in the top crisper. Sigh. I cleaned it up and went on.

So. Today. Got up. Did *not* walk because of no appropriate shoes. Grokkery store instead. Jackson Meijer. Outta gas. Almost. No time to get more. Home. Put grokkeries away. Check email, et al. Coffee with MMCB at Barry’s. Work. Change sheets on Lizard’s bed. Put rest of laundry away. Clean stuff outta regurgimator and wash offending crisper. Vee-hickles? Dogha: scheduled maintenance light on forever and needs new battery. CLBHCWTFITB (civic): thingy that pops open the gas fueling cap is broken and you have to open the trunk and fiddly diddle around to get it open. Not fun. The Indefatigable: I have no words. It *was* driven today but not by me. And there is a rodent problem. In the landfill. Again. Diazinon anyone?

Onward and upward? How is your life?

8 Responses to “I’m feeling hectic but not frantic.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yeah, I know all about the Mess In Every Room lifestyle. Well, except for the rooms the contractor is rebuilding….

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Omg, I *love* you, Ms. Archaeologist!!!

  3. mouse Says:

    yeah so she sends *me* to get gas so she doesn’t have to deal with opening the trunk. i see where my place is with this family…

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I bet my landfill is “fuller” than your landfill. Read a book instead of worrying about it.

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    I’m with *you* KW! The dishwasher got run on Monday evening, but has yet to get unloaded. The dishes to be done by hand are still stacked by/in the sink (hey, I had to go to Band tonight, so I sorta have an excuse… Sorta). Then, I lose half my weekend for the next 3 weekends-in-a-row (and 3 more a bit more spread out) to go see the Spartan Marching Band perform in Spartan Stadium around some chaos involving males dressed in oddly-configured costumes chasing a funny-shaped ball. Those are all-day events, BTW. Love the Marching Band, hate the hassle, love spending time with my girls after the game getting pizza at Pizza House or whatever!!!

  6. Jay Says:

    My first day “back” was not much of a work day – our main server took a major nose dive. Last prediction was all to be restored by about 6 PM. Maybe tomorrow is the day for meaningful work.
    After getting home and taking a moderate walk I spent a few moments kicking pieces of lego into a dish that was overflowing already, not very productive. Picked up enough Mr. Mouth (frog spinning) pieces to be able to set up a chair in front of the computer table.
    Carl’s kids are all back, although one had a meltdown around three. He found out later she was up until 12 last night, so perhaps to be expected.
    And the laundry I brought up yesterday has just sat in its basket, wrinkling.

  7. grandmothertucker Says:

    I have unexpectedly spent 2 days in the Las Vegas area. The Wild Wild West has big truck parking, and the total bill is $37 for a king bed. Ann, be proud of me, I WALKED up and down the strip! About 6 miles. Yes, I have horrible blisters on the botto of my feet as if I was wearing heels. I wore the best walking shoes I had. I neve walk anywhere like that and I am exhausted!

    We had to walk over the Highway 15 to get over to the strip, to the MGM, New York New York, and walked down the west side to the Sahara, and ate a buffet dinner, and walked back. We watched the fountain water show outside the Bellagio Hotel. I had about 100 of those filthy guys flipping cards at me about every 100 or so feet. ( porn advertisements ) It was all lit up and pretty nd fountains and all that stuff. Then back over the highway to our room. ( NOT advisable. )

    My load near LA cancelled and reset for tomorrow, and they said to hang around Vegas for ANOTHER night. !!! I am in Prim, just on the edge of Cal., just south of Vegas. I am at Buffalo Bills. Yep, another $37 for another king badroom. ( No, I did not misspell that. ) Actually it’s nicer here than Vegas. The pool is shaped like a buffalo, and everything looks like a barn or mine or old western town. There is a log ride and a rollercoaster that goes through the hotel and outside and back again, and a monorail that takes you to the other 2 hotels. Terribles and Wiskey Petes. We had the buffet, which was better than the Saraha’s, and I lost $5 on a $.02 slot machine. ( I am not a gambler. ) I just got out of the hot tub and I can barely walk. I am NOT going ANYWHERE.

    My house? Heck, I’m never there, I haven’t got a clue unless they tell me, Don is there, home from Iraq and looking for work. Dennis is there, graduated, and working at the warehouse with David. Dave and Jenny are moving back in with baby Christina, and Donna is moving in around Christmas! Donna’s mama, Ann Middleton, ( Don’s X ) is going back into the military. If Doug moves back I will have ALL my kids at home again, which is fine, cause I’m not there. I just pay the bills and visit now and then….. I think I still own it. So, I am dividing up some bills between them. They mess it up, they clean it, and the vicious cycle continues… and I’m not there…… whenever I go home, I look for my things. Sometimes I even find them…. I might get to go home next week.

  8. Pooh Says:

    Furniture that’s been really bad in a previous life is sent to our house in this life! Occasionally I do get the urge to do some deep cleaning, and then am amazed by what turns up. It is easier to pitch stuff that is from some prior decade. Dan’s freshman schedule for high school? GONE. To be fair, I was going through a box of old paperwork, not decluttering furniture when I found that.