Sappy Old Moom

So, Lizard Breath is flying in at 0-dark-30 tomorrow morning from Cali for the weekend (and I won’t see much of her because she’ll be at a wedding) and I was actually just a bit teary-eyed at work for a while. Not because I won’t see much of her this weekend. That was a given. It was because I clumsily surrendered pick-up duty to her roommate’s mom (Liz and her current roommate have been friends since middle school days here on the Planet Ann Arbor). My work buddies? “You *want* to drive to the airport at 0-dark-30 in the morning?” Yeah. Er, all but maybe one of them didn’t know I had any tears, I was quite discrete and, after all, it wasn’t the blasted end of the world! It *is* okay. Sheesh. What is wrong with me? Kee-reist, who the heck wants to drive to the airport at 0-dark-30?

Well, a little powwow at work distracted me from all of that. And then. Text message from Mouse (poetic license with the actual text): “Moom, I rode my bike downtown and now there’s a thunderstorm. Can you pick me up after work?” Again, a small bit of discussion ensued amongst work colleagues with similarly-aged children. Didn’t check the weather report? Hahaha. It’s okay, Mouse. That’s the kind of thing us old bags talk about. The truth is (I’ve been using that phrase a *lot* lately, haven’t I?) I was *happy* to drive through a rainstorm to downtown A2 to pick up Mouse and her bike. Why? I finally figgered out that it was because I still need to be needed from time to time. I am ecstatic that my offspring are traversing life largely without any input from me. But it was nice to be needed today. Even though it involved navigating downtown A2 at rush hour during the first week of UM classes in a *rainstorm* and then parking in a no parking place long enough to manhandle a bicycle into a Honda Accord. Mouse did the manhandling. I just hoovered and fussed around. “Can I help?” [said in an insipid old bag voice]. Thanks Mouse, I needed that.

Er, Mouse? Don’t call me to pick you up every day, eh? <3 <3 Sappy Old Moom

Note to self: I bet my own Moom aka The Commander sometimes feels the same way about all this kind of stuff.

The shoes? My new Chacos. Actually, they weren’t exactly what I thought I was ordering. There was no strap around the heel. Don’t get me wrong, they are *definitely* what I ordered. I just didn’t take a good look at the picture or read the specs (er, note to spec-writer self…) about what I was ordering before I clicked CHECKOUT. I was skeptical when I first opened them and tried to put them on my bony old knobbly feet. But then I adjusted the straps and they are just wonderful! I plan on buying a second pair and I will make *sure* it has a strap across the heel. Sam (archaeologist, not dog) also has new feet. Hers are Keens. I am impressed with Keens but I am an open-toed kinda gal. I want to write more about all that but I am outta steam for the night.

Kayak Woman, aka Old Sappy Moom

2 Responses to “Sappy Old Moom”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    cute sandals!! I was wondering why the extra straps up front…until you pointed out the lack of straps out back…. Still, really cute!!

  2. isa Says:

    you can take me TO the airport on sunday 🙂