I suppose I could turn Garrison on in the back room so I can hear him out here on the patio

Except I can’t figger out *how* to turn him on… Other than that, not a bad day albeit not without some moments of angst and/or frustration. Dumped a few old computers and things off at the annual Pi-High eWaste event — easy as pie, just sat there in the Frog Hopper while a small army of folks emptied the trunk. There’s another one of those giraffe-style iMacs that didn’t make the cut. It’s Its disk drive needs to be cleared of porn I guess. [Oh, I’m just kidding, y’all.] That black printer is almost brand new. What a piece of crap. Won’t copy or scan any more and not worth fixing. No laptops. We seem to be able to repurpose laptops.

Later on, Mouse served me brunch on her loverly balcony. With coffee in an owly mug. Lots of wildlife around and about Mouse’s otherwise rather typical apartment complex.

And where I am not? The GG’s purpose in heading up to the yooperland was not to open up the moomincabin but that’s what he ended up doing.

Today was a beach day and I am missing out on that but I managed to get quite a bit of flinging and some paper-sorting done (I could spend 40 hours a week sorting out papers) and running my cute little Rooooomba through her paces and even managed a few cupboard cleaning activities. And walked to the Plum Market where I realized — before I got inside the door, thank you very much — that I did not have my debit card with me. So I walked back home and *back* to the Plum Market. And back home again. It’s okay. I needed the walk.

Now I am sitting back here in the raggedy looking Landfill back yard thinking about stuff. About all the times I sat out here watching my cute tow-headed little beach urchins play on the swingset or splash in one of those little KMart pools. And wondering whether or not I have the gumption to attempt some teensy tinesy little gardening prodjects. Will I overcome the inertia that almost always overtakes me? If I do, will my black thumb cooperate with me? Stay tuned…

Oh yeah, are we getting new neighbors? Twice today (that I saw) a couple of white vee-hickles pulled into Hans’s driveway and people (including children) got out of them. But the real estate sign is still up. A mystery. Stay tuned…

2 Responses to “I suppose I could turn Garrison on in the back room so I can hear him out here on the patio”

  1. Margaret Says:

    New neighbors can be good or bad–but who knows what’s happening. The wheels of real estate grind slowly! As I’ve said before, I need to have the girls do some flinging…

  2. l4827 Says:

    It seems that we have co-phlung @ Pi-Hi today …. :-(. I feel that things *could* be sold rather than, a, this. I did have a week of reprieve …… So I suppose I shouldn’t complain too loudly. Wife happy. Me, a, a, of course!

    Here at BPW south ….. it’s XX 1, XY 0. I do need an aspirin. 🙂

    Since it is a big moon night (closest is many years?) off to observe now, the Knight. Not a reward, but compensation.

    Even took a bath on the ponies today …… 🙁 However, wife won. No she keeps yelling, ” I’ll Have Another ….. I’ll Have Another ….. “