Mother’s Day

Honest to kee-reist, I spent the whole blasted day thinking it was Mother’s Day! Don’t get me wrong. I could not care less about the greeting card “holiday” Mother’s Day. (Except that it rings a bell that Mother’s Day is *not* a “holiday” created by the greeting card companies. I’m too lazy to google). Nevertheless, I lived today as if it were a holiday created just for us taaarrred old mooms. First of all, I took a small holiday from flinging! Instead, I dredged out my fake plastic terra cotta pots and headed over to English Gardens, where I bought a couple flats of impatiens and some potting soil. Yeah, I know I can *make* potting soil right in the back yard. I didn’t want to be bothered with that today. It was Mother’s Day, roight? (Roight.)

Around quarter to two, I put my backpack on and headed out the door to walk over to the Water Hill neighborhood for their annual music fest. I didn’t even get past the next door neighbors’ house when the Ninja came wheeling around the corner — the GG returning from his northern boondoggle. What the heck, you are home, do you wanna walk down to Water Hill? And so we unpacked the Ninja and set off.

Waterhill is my style of concert! Various people play (or host groups) in their front yards or on their front porches or in one case, someone was playing the piano *inside* the house. You can walk all over the neighborhood and hang out at any of these little concerts for a minute or five or 60. Popcorn, cookies, and lemonade are everywhere. Everyone was playing, professional bands and amateurs having fun. And kids like this wonderful young girl.

These folks attracted the biggest crowd I saw over there.

There are lemonade stands and popcorn sales and cookie sales. I bought lemonade from one youngster and ended up getting it all over my phone camera… And there are Water Hill Water Closets! People who have opened their bathrooms to folks who have to go. Not sure I would be comfortable with any old Tom, Dick, or Harry coming into the Landfill to use the Blue and Only Bathroom. I would probably be hanging out nearby with a bottle (or two or ten) of Lysol and a dozen rolls of paper towels. (Well except for My Own Dear Uncle Harry who is welcome to use my bathroom whenever he wants, of courserous! I have been known to use his outhouse in the Moominbeach off-season.)

For whatever reason, I have been thinking about the term Water Closet a lot lately… After our hike over to Water Hill, I had a loverly little “Mother’s Day” glass of whine, shown here on the loverly little table I bought today when I ran out of potting soil and decided to hit up Ace Hardware for more instead of English Gardens. It is a double-decker (you can’t see the bottom deck) and it was on sale. It is a backwards step in flinging in a way but a forward step (I hope) in making our back yard more comfortable.

It was while I was sitting out there sipping my whine that I googled around and found out that Mother’s Day is actually NEXT Sunday. Duh! That is okay. I celebrated it today. All by myself (except for the walk to Water Hill). And I had fun! So nobody needs to feel obligated to do anything for me next weekend! Don’t I just take the cake? <cheesy-grin>

2 Responses to “Mother’s Day

  1. Paulette Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! That makes me smile. WWTCS? (What would the Commander say?) You go girl!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Or WC in Europe! I love the literalism of it. 😉 I am very aware of Mother’s Day since we’ll be coming back from NYC on it and I’m trying to figure out what to do for my mom, who is still struggling with her health. Like many older people, she was fine one moment, then not the next. They “fixed” things and put her on new meds which have caused other issues that she hasn’t had before. Very depressing.