1/11111111 – Drop acid, not Bombz!

In other words, just another Friday night on The Planet Ann Arbor. And here is Mr. Roboto at the Oscar Tango. Note to self. Get better at staging these iPad shots…

I can’t exactly remember but I think we were subject to an alien invasion at some point.

We got a little Frampton fix as we were hoofing it back over to the west side courtesy of the Breakers playing at Mark’s Carts. Of course the GG just kind of pooh-poohed this. “Heck, Frampton played over at Woodward and Catalpa all the time.” His neighborhood. Er, this may be a mis-memory as neither of us seem to be able to goggle up any info about Frampton living anywhere near Royal Joke (Gogol was goggle-eyed!). But I was soooo envious of all the big-city kids when I was a kid up there in the god-forsaken yooperland. Or so I thought at the time… I want you-ou-ou to show me the way…

And so goodnight from the GG to you from a big sewer pipe up on Dexter, which is totally torn up at this point and hosing traffic in the whole area. Welcome to summer in the Great Lake State.

That thing looks like it’ll hold a lotta poop.

One Response to “1/11111111 – Drop acid, not Bombz!”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Yes it does look like a coupla of Aliens in O.T. and big poop in some Dexter road drain pipe. Now to da Yooperland in two.