I hate faaarrrr grills drills and dashboard lights

I have hated faaarrrr drills since kindergarten. When Mrs. Ryan said we were going to have a faaaarrrrr drill, I thought she said “grill”. I was pretty excited about that. We had never grilled hamburgers at school before. I figured we’d set up the grill on the kindergarten playground. I was *not* happy when it turned out that the faaaaarrrr “grill” was a horrifically loud buzzer. BZ BZ BZ BZ! I categorically do not like sudden loud noises.

I also don’t like dashboard lights. I especially don’t like dashboard lights when they are accompanied by a faaarrrr drill. Like the last couple of days have been… I got into the Ninja on Monday morning and got halfway down the street and HELLO! the taaaarrrr light was on. Again. Excuse me, AGAIN!!! Wait a minute. The dern taaaarrrr light was just on a few weeks ago. And a few weeks before that. But these are “new” taaaarrrs. We bought them last August! We haven’t put *that* many miles on the Ninja since then. Defective taaaar, maybe?

When I got home that night, I texted the GG: “Tire light is in again.” (Yes, “in”, walking and texting…) He did not reply but when he got home, he checked the tires, put air in the left rear (again) and, oh by the way, was uncharacteristically grumpy. I may call him the Grumpy Growler on the web but he is not the grumpy one in the fam, although he will rant about politicians and various “authorities”, etc. But usually when he gets home from work, he swings in the door yelling, “Luuucyyyy, I’m home!” so that the whole neighborhood can hear.

Not that day. Grumpy. I couldn’t figure it out. I mean, I did NOT make the tire light go on. I don’t think it was me or the tire light but, at any rate, there was a little kerfuffle about *who* would take care of the defective tire. *I* did not want to. I mean, I can *do* that kind of thing but it just seems more expedient for him to do it. As a person who put himself through college working at the old Chrysler Hamtramck assembly plant and is a decent amateur mechanic in his own right, he knows the lingo. But he was so darn grumpy that I begrudgingly agreed to take the Ninja over to the Honda dealer (hold that detail, it becomes important) and get the tire fixed or replaced or whatever. The Honda dealer is not too far from my work and getting from the darn EPA to the *Honda dealer* is like running a gauntlet these days.

So, I got up the next morning, sucked it up and called Honda to arrange to get the tire fixed. A neanderthal took my call but I won’t bore you with those details. The essence was something like, “you probably just have a nail in the tire, don’t worry your pretty little shaggy old head about it”. There is not a nail in the tire but I didn’t tell him that. We agreed that I would bring it in the next day (that would be today). I made all kinds of complicated arrangements for getting to work from Honda (via Mouse) and back to Honda when it was done (via a cube neighbor).

But then… It turned out that… Remember when I said to hold that thought? We bought the tires at… Drum roll… Discount Tire!!!! Fortunately, that information was, uh, remembered, last night so I didn’t end up embarrassing myself at Honda asking about a warranty that they had no record of, thank you god or whoever.

So, the GG, who seemed to be a bit incensed that some neanderthal expressed the opinion that there might be a *nail* in the tire, took the Ninja today and got the tire fixed. Me? I took the Frog Hopper today and I was happy to be driving a vee-hickle without a dashboard light this morning. Except that… I got halfway down the street and realized the oil light was on. Don’t worry, this isn’t the *real* oil light, it is the lite oil light. It is definitely okay to keep driving with the lite oil light and actually it turned itself out halfway to work. But I was not a particularly happy camper.

So, the GG is back to his “Luuuucyyyy I’m home” routine and all is well. Knock on wood big time that I don’t have a damn dashboard light tomorrow!

P.S. Thank you dear for getting the tire fixed!

One Response to “I hate faaarrrr grills drills and dashboard lights”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You light up my life, as the song said. I hate those sensor lights; they are so often wrong and stress me out a LOT.