The bears are taking over Troll-land

Yeesh! It is Thursday and I was rolling along at work when I checked Twitter on my phone (don’t tell). Shooting on N. Maple. In the block that is just across N. Maple from my little neighborhood. The block that I walk on over to the Plum Market every other day or so.

A while later… Accident at Ellsworth and State, maybe involving a police car. Well, that is the penultimate intersection that I have to negotiate to get to work every day. It is a busy intersection but by the time I get to it, I am usually pretty much relieved because I am almost there and the last mile or so is pretty easy. They’re gonna turn the Ellsworth / State intersection into a round-about. I have mixed feelings about that…

Anyway, yes, a police car driving west on Ellsworth Road was responding to a call and broadsided another vee-hickle whose (distracted?) driver did not pull over. Bad but all too typical. The disconnect? These cops were responding to the call about the shooting on N. Maple. Why in the *heck* was a police car *eight* miles away called to this incident? Weren’t there any police cars any closer to my neighborhood? I know that the city has been cutting police and fire department personnel in the last few years (and I strongly disagree with that) but I have a hard time believing that the closest police car was waaayyy over on the south side of town. Anyway, the shooting turned out to be accidental and all injuries were treatable. Ho-hum…

And so, the GG and I walked over to Knight’s for dinner tonight. We hung out at the bar for a short time and when we were taken to our table, I was surprised to see that it was set for *three*! I shouldda known by the text messages flying back and forth before we left the Landfill that he was making arrangements to surprise me with Mouse! And so she arrived, big as life. I won’t bore you with the conversation but it was so much fun.

Hey, I downloaded a book to my phone while we were at Knight’s. Crypotonomicon. Maybe I’ll read it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We’ve had a few police car accidents here too and they haven’t been pretty. Several of them have been the police officer’s fault. In one, I think the woman died.